Public Schools Explorer The Texas Tribune’s go-to source for public education data

The Texas Tribune Schools Explorer is our most comprehensive public education tool to date and the only one of its kind in the state. A database that combines key academic, enrollment and financial records on all of Texas’ 1,300 districts and 8,500 public schools — including hundreds of charter schools and alternative campuses — this app makes school statistics accessible and easy to navigate.

Track graduation rates, TAKS and SAT scores, school spending, and teacher experience and pay over time. Sort campuses by accountability rating and demographics. Take a bird’s eye view of Texas’ statewide stats. Anything you could possibly want to know about your school or district is here — or will be soon in future roll-outs of the app. The schools app was created with the generous support of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, and includes data aggregated from the Texas Education Agency and the Financial Allocation Study for Texas.

The Schools Explorer is a work in progress; future iterations will allow you to compare districts and schools to each other, track college enrollment and create custom reports. Whether you are a parent, educator, taxpayer or policy wonk, you'll find the answers you are looking for about Texas schools — or the best questions to ask to get them.

All of the records included in the Schools Explorer are housed on the websites of state agencies, but not in a user-friendly format. In a single place, we've provided a quick portal to detailed profiles of Texas school districts and campuses across the state, with snapshot views of vital statistics and rollover explanations translating difficult-to-understand terms.

For access to the original data, use the following sources:

Source Years URL
FAST 2007 ‐ 2010
TAKS 2005 ‐ 2011
AEIS 1993 ‐ 2010

You can also download the complete set of raw data here:

The Schools Explorer was primarily developed by Noah Seger, with the support and reinforcement of Morgan Smith, Ryan Murphy, Travis Swicegood, Chris Chang, Ben Hasson, Jacob Villanueva, Rodney Gibbs and Emily Ramshaw.

The Schools Explorer was created with support from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

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