Past Issues


  1. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 23

    1. EPA Head: Texas Should Want Its Own Clean Power Plan
    2. The Q&A: Kevin M. Befus
    3. The Bookshelf: Nov. 18, 2015
    4. Commentary: Reliability of Proposed Pipeline Questioned
    5. Proposed Reservoir in North Texas Stirs Controversy
    6. Opponents Say Trans-Texas Pipeline a Threat to Water Supply
    7. Texans Wonder If Wild Weather Is The New Norm
    8. California Marine Ecosystem Contaminated by Toxin
    9. Septic Systems Seen as Culprit in Long Island Water Pollution
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  2. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 22

    1. Environmental Consultant Gets More Texas Work
    2. San Antonio Water Utility Leader Defends Controversial Project
    3. On Quakes, Regulator Sides with Energy Companies
    4. The Q&A: Fritz Hanselmann
    5. The Bookshelf: Nov. 4, 2015
    6. Event: Going, Going, Gone
    7. Event: Agriculture Through the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
    8. Water Forum Focuses on State’s Future Water Supplies
    9. Slow Adaptation to Rapid Warming Leads to Fishery Collapse
    10. Farmers Slow To Use Water Conserving Methods
    11. Environmentalist Says Conservation Is Good for Business
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  3. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 21

    1. New Questions Face San Antonio Water Pipeline
    2. To Paxton's Cheers, Court Blocks EPA Clean Water Rule
    3. High Court Might Clarify Water and Surface Rights
    4. The Q&A: James Simons
    5. The Bookshelf: Oct. 21, 2015
    6. Event: Hill Country Workshop for Landowners on Conservation Easements
    7. Event: North Central Texas AWWA Drinking Water Seminar
    8. Event: Living Springs Documentary Series Free Screening
    9. Researchers Invent Pollutant-Cleaning Swimsuit Material
    10. Water Wars Not Over in Hays County
    11. South Carolina Floods Highlight Stormwater Problems
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  4. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 20

    1. In Final BP Deal, Texas to Get $800 Million for Gulf
    2. Two Years, Few Answers in E. Coli Discovery
    3. Reveal Radio: But Not a Drop to Drink
    4. The Q&A: Richard Seline
    5. The Bookshelf: Oct. 7, 2015
    6. Event: Water Strategies No. 2
    7. District Judge Rules for Groundwater Conservation District
    8. Book Describes Importance of Riparian Areas in Texas
    9. San Antonio Water Project Hits a Snag
    10. Rainwater Distribution System Brings Water to Parched Rajasthan
    11. Video: A Colorado River Delta Restoration Project Update
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  5. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 19

    1. Texas Drops Suit Over Dead Denton Fracking Ban
    2. Tiny Nordheim Proclaims Small Victory in Oilfield Waste Vote
    3. Road From Rita
    4. The Q&A: Navid Saleh
    5. The Bookshelf: Sept. 23, 2015
    6. Event: Texas Desal 2015
    7. Wetlands "Mitigation Banks" Drilled for Oil and Gas
    8. Environmentalists Oppose Proposal for Texas Water Grid
    9. Report Says Half of U.S. Now in Drought
    10. Study Shows Need for Tracking Water Use in U.S. Rivers
    11. California Struggles To Put New Water Law Into Practice
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  6. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 18

    1. EPA Water Rule Applies to Texas After All
    2. Well Explosion Could Pressure Texas Regulators
    3. Amid Hurricane Debate, Another Storm Surge Option Surfaces
    4. The Q&A: Rabi Mohtar
    5. The Bookshelf: Sept. 9, 2015
    6. Event: Texas Water Development Board to Discuss SWIFT Funding
    7. Four Takes on New Texas Water Policy Laws
    8. Homeowners Along San Marcos River Dealing With Tubers
    9. Houston Teen Invents Prize-Winning Water Filter
    10. Glaciers Melting Quickly in the North Cascades
    11. Water Conservation Causing Problems in California
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  7. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 17

    1. Defendant Pleads Guilty in Webb County Water Trial
    2. State's Role in Unhealthy Water Probed
    3. Trial Begins Over Undrinkable Water in Webb County
    4. After 17 Years, Texas Poised to Resolve Oil Spill
    5. The Bookshelf: Aug. 26, 2015
    6. Septic Tanks Not Keeping Contaminants Out of Lakes
    7. Study: Climate Change Is Worsening California's Drought
    8. Los Angeles Uses Shade Balls to Conserve Reservoir Water
    9. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  8. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 16

    1. Groundwater Districts Seek Help Tracking Disposal Wells
    2. Obama Unveils Climate Rules, With Texas-Wide Implications
    3. Climate Pleas From Pope, Obama Fall Flat in Texas
    4. The Q&A: Jason M. Evans
    5. The Bookshelf: Aug. 12, 2015
    6. How Much Groundwater is Used in the Eagle Ford Shale?
    7. California Farmers Ponder Purchase of Urban Wastewater
    8. Damage to Animas River From EPA Dump Still Being Assessed
    9. EPA: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is Succeeding
    10. Opinion: The Cost to Texas of Mexico's Water Debt
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  9. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 15

    1. The Drought is Over in Texas
    2. Texas Water Development Board OKs $4 Billion in Projects
    3. Texas Facing Major Climate Change Impacts, According to New Study
    4. The Q&A: Sheila Olmstead
    5. Event: Texas Groundwater Summit
    6. 21 Applicants Approved in First Round of SWIFT Loans
    7. Study Shows Results of Depleting Aquifers
    8. Brain-Eating Amoeba Found in Water Supply Near New Orleans
    9. New California Desalination Plant Raises Questions
    10. West Nile Virus Found in New York City Mosquitoes
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  10. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 14

    1. In Pristine Big Bend Region, a Pipeline Could Run Through It
    2. Under BP Deal, Another $788 Million Will Flow to Texas
    3. New Story Series Focuses on Groundwater Depletion
    4. The Q&A: Tom Pankratz
    5. The Bookshelf: July 15, 2015
    6. Event: Summer 2015 Water Rights Analysis Meeting
    7. A Review of Agriculture-Related Bills This Session
    8. "Texas Flood" Wins the Texas Water Safari
    9. Restoring Ecosystems Includes Making Them Resilient
    10. Study Says Water Use in Fracking on the Rise
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  11. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 13

    1. Texas Sues EPA Over Provision of Federal Water Law
    2. The Q&A: Steve DiMarco
    3. The Bookshelf: July 1, 2015
    4. Texas to Sell $8 Billion in Bonds for Water Projects
    5. Rio Grande Valley Partnership to Address Water Concerns
    6. Water Experts Discuss Colorado River's Water Crisis
    7. Aquifers Draining Faster Than They're Filling
    8. Opinion: Why We Must Plan for Landscape Migration
    9. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  12. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 12

    1. Abbott Signs Bill to Limit Pollution Lawsuits
    2. Water Conservation, Contract Bidding Bills Fall Victim to Abbott's Veto
    3. New Water Development Board Chairman Takes Helm
    4. The Q&A: Samuel D. Brody
    5. The Bookshelf: June 17, 2015
    6. Aquifers May Play Expanded Role in Conservation
    7. Will the End of the Drought Mean the End of Conserving?
    8. How the Largest Lakes in the World Are Under Threat
    9. Conservation District Explains New Water Bill
    10. Andrew Sansom Named Harte Champion of the Gulf
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  13. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 11

    1. Hays County Groundwater Bill Heads to Governor's Desk
    2. Climate Change, a Factor in Texas Floods, Largely Ignored
    3. Before Central Texas Flooding, Officials Sounded Alarm
    4. The Q&A: Bridget R. Scanlon
    5. The Bookshelf: June 3, 2015
    6. Event: Texas Water Symposium in Fredericksburg
    7. Event: TCEQ Hearing for Environmental Flow Standards
    8. Blanco River Expert Finds Lessons From Flood
    9. Saving the Cypresses After the Blanco Flood
    10. Critics of EPA's Clean Water Rule Muster Opposition
    11. EPA Finalizes Clean Water Rule
    12. Bill Will Move Conservation Program to TPWD
    13. Surfing for Landlubbers in Austin?
    14. After the Rain, How Full Are Texas Reservoirs?
  14. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 10

    1. EPA Closely Watching Bill to Speed State Permits
    2. For Two Border Towns, Clean Water Plan Crashes
    3. The Q&A: Mike Gershon
    4. The Bookshelf: May 20, 2015
    5. Drought Eases in North Texas, Lingers in Pockets
    6. State Parks Facing Floods
    7. Data Missing on California Agricultural Water Use
    8. Tourism Destinations in California Adjust to Drought
    9. Expert Advocates Combining Resources on Water
    10. After the Rain, How Full Are Texas Reservoirs?
  15. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 9

    1. State High Court Punts on Major Water Case
    2. Justices Again Avoid Underground Trespassing Question
    3. Fractured System Keeps Clean Water From Some
    4. The Q&A: Antonietta Quigg
    5. The Bookshelf: May 6, 2015
    6. Will Texas Follow California in Water Woes?
    7. Study Finds Fracking Chemicals in Drinking Water
    8. Experts Support New Federal Fracking Rules
    9. Opinion: Larson Sees Solution in Water Grid Bill
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  16. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 8

    1. Lawmaker Urges Colleagues to Act on Climate Change
    2. Shark Fin Ban Back on the House Menu
    3. Universities, Water Providers Launch Conservation Effort
    4. Politics Stymied Village's Plan to Secure Safe Water
    5. The Q&A: Yongli Gao
    6. The Bookshelf: April 21, 2015
    7. Study: Inconsistent Fracking Water Policies in Texas
    8. EPA Finds Voluntary Fracking Data Incomplete
    9. Rio Grande Crippled by Drought
    10. Glass-Bottom Spring Research Boats to Be Restored
    11. Water Restrictions Divide California Residents
    12. Photographer Documents Drought in the West
    13. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  17. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 7

    1. Water Ruling Cuts State's Power in Droughts
    2. List of Fastest-Growing Counties, Metro Areas Has Strong Texas Flavor
    3. Hays County Water Fight Tumbles Into Committee
    4. The Q&A: Sharlene Leurig
    5. The Bookshelf: April 8, 2015
    6. Event: Colorado River Alliance’s Family Water Festival
    7. Opinion: Rules Needed for Cross-County Water Pumping
    8. Study: Cattle Causing Coastal Watershed Contamination
    9. Bill Filed to Deal With Tubing Parties on the San Marcos
    10. Drought to Bring Changes to Habits in California
    11. Will Texas Follow California's Example on Water?
    12. Congressional Bill Aims to Cut Costs of Rural Water Supply
    13. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  18. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 6

    1. Report: Smart Lawn Watering Could Save Big
    2. Isaac Jumping Into Hays County Water Fight
    3. Private Sector Has Hand in State Water Planning
    4. Reintroducing the Texas Legislative Guide
    5. The Q&A: Wenwei Xu
    6. The Bookshelf: March 25, 2015
    7. Study Finds Threat to Texas Bays
    8. Hormone-Disrupting Contaminants in Great Lakes
    9. Legislators Considering Water-Related Bills
    10. Residents Sue Commercial Water Driller
    11. Opinion: Buying Development Rights Preserves Watersheds
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  19. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 5

    1. A Colonia Built on Broken Promises of Clean Water
    2. Politics Stymied Village's Plan to Secure Safe Water
    3. Undrinkable Series: Rio Bravo and El Cenizo
    4. The Q&A: Cameron Turner
    5. The Bookshelf: March 11, 2015
    6. Reminder: Texas Water Day at the Capitol
    7. Video: Panel Discussions on Edwards Aquifer
    8. Central Texas Water Battle Challenges Rule of Capture
    9. Round Rock May Pay Back Water Debt With Effluent
    10. Researchers Test Coating Reservoirs to Save Water
    11. Study Says Climate Change Increases Drought Risk
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  20. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 4

    1. Hays Groundwater Fight Portends Battles to Come
    2. Lawmakers Asked to Boost Parks Funding
    3. The Q&A: Clint Wolfe
    4. The Bookshelf: Feb. 25, 2015
    5. Event: Gulf Coast Water Conservation Symposium
    6. Event: Texas Tribune/Texas State University Water Symposium
    7. Event: Texas Water Day at the Capitol
    8. Regional Water Conservation Researchers Await Funding
    9. Partnership to Bring New Water Technology to Texas
    10. Trinity Aquifer Pumping May Impact Recreation Hot Spots
    11. Drones Show Promise for Cloud Seeding
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  21. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 3

    1. Texas Justices Skirt Underground Trespassing Question
    2. T-Squared: We're Crowdfunding Another Crucial Series
    3. The Q&A: Todd Caldwell
    4. The Bookshelf: Feb. 11, 2015
    5. Meadows Center Launches Spring Lake Photo Contest
    6. Project Will Study Drought Effects on Landscape Plants
    7. Hays County Plan to Pump Trinity Aquifer Prompts Opposition
    8. Cities Weigh Growth vs. Water Shortages
    9. Study Finds Harmful Chemicals in Oil and Gas Wastewater
    10. Study: Climate Change Increases Demand for Irrigation
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  22. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 2

    1. Groundwater Wars Brewing in Austin's Hill Country Suburbs
    2. Fired TCEQ Investigator: Law Firm Triggered Dismissal
    3. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    4. The Q&A: Anthony Tarquin
    5. The Bookshelf: Jan. 28, 2015
    6. Water is Top Issue for Agriculture Commissioner
    7. Panelists Discuss the Edwards Aquifer Water Wars
    8. Report: Farming and Urban Growth Polluting Aquifers
    9. In Forum Report, Water Crises Named Top Global Risk
    10. Obstacles Hinder California Desalination Innovation
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  23. Trib+Water Vol: 3 Issue 1

    1. Controversial Marvin Nichols Reservoir Stays in State Plan
    2. Disappearing Rio Grande: A Look Back at 10 Stories
    3. Texas Perspective: Water
    4. The Q&A: Greg Flores
    5. The Bookshelf: Jan. 14, 2015
    6. While Drought Eases, Edwards Aquifer Gets Little Relief
    7. States Reacting to Water Scarcity
    8. Decreasing Water Demand May Hurt Utilities
    9. High Levels of Microfibers Found in Great Lakes Water
    10. New Technology Uses Sunlight and Nanoparticles to Purify Water
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels