Past Issues


  1. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 25

    1. In TribTalk: Leurig on Why Water is Not the New Oil
    2. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    3. The Q&A: James Griffin
    4. Event: Texas Water Journal Forum
    5. Rural Landowners Key to Water Conservation, Experts Say
    6. A Walkabout Around Big Spring
    7. Water Table Dropping in El Paso
    8. Drought Hitting Rio Grande Valley Irrigators
    9. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  2. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 24

    1. Politics of Climate Change in Texas Have Shifted
    2. Hotter, Drier Projections Threaten Texas Miracle
    3. Houston Ship Channel Shows a State Vulnerable to Climate Effects
    4. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    5. The Q&A: Walt Sears
    6. Event: Hill Country Water Summit
    7. Event: Texas Riparian & Stream Ecosystem Workshop
    8. Could Texas Learn From California on Groundwater?
    9. Report Advocates Water Market to Ease Drought
    10. Arizona Parks Look to Paddling Tours to Lift Revenue
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  3. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 23

    1. Private Sector an Oasis for Thirsty San Antonio
    2. Water Project Funds Ready to Flow — Almost
    3. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    4. The Q&A: Ken Kramer
    5. The Bookshelf: Nov. 19, 2014
    6. Event: A Texas Summit on Climate and the Environment
    7. Meadows Center Infographic Wins Award
    8. Odessa Looking for More Water Options
    9. Coastal Bend Wildlife to Benefit From BP Settlement
    10. U.S. Farm Irrigation Using Less Water, Shifting East
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  4. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 22

    1. San Antonio Approves Historic Water Project
    2. Vote Set on San Antonio's Historic Water Gamble
    3. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    4. The Q&A: Francine Sanders Romero
    5. The Bookshelf: Nov. 5, 2014
    6. Event: Webinar on Ebola Precautions for Water and Wastewater
    7. Hill Country Survey on Environmental Issues
    8. Texas Water Development Board to Weigh Rules
    9. Lake Travis Residents Protest Appraisals
    10. McAllen Eyes Geothermal Wells for Water Source
    11. Video: Forum on San Antonio Water
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  5. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 21

    1. Harris County Seeks Accounting for Decades of Wastewater Pollution
    2. Texas Sees Significant Decline in Rural Land
    3. Texans Coming to Grips With Rising Water Costs
    4. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    5. The Q&A: Kent Satterwhite
    6. The Bookshelf: Oct. 22, 2014
    7. Meadows Center Looks to Improvements for Visitors
    8. Report: Water Utilities in Need of Modernization
    9. Opinion: Set the Record Straight on Water Conservation
    10. New Data Sheds Light on Well Contamination in Pennsylvania
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  6. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 20

    1. Controversial Water Pipeline Project Moves Forward in San Antonio
    2. Debating What's More Sacred in Texas: Private Land or Public Beaches
    3. Reservoir Plan to Be Focus of Contested Case Hearing
    4. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    5. The Q&A: Ron Nirenberg
    6. Foundation Releases Findings on U.S. Freshwater Crisis
    7. Water Tip: No Wipes in the Pipes
    8. Will the Devil's River Survive Drought and Development?
    9. Scientists Collect Endangered Salamanders
    10. Wasting Water May Land Perpetrators in Jail
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  7. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 19

    1. At "Kumbaya" Meeting, a New Colorado River Plan is Approved
    2. Aquifer is No Quick Fix for Central Texas Thirst
    3. The Q&A: Jennifer Walker
    4. The Bookshelf: Sept. 24, 2014
    5. Event: Lone Star Water Forum
    6. Despite Rains, Highland Lakes Far From Recovery
    7. Lawmakers Ask White House for Help in Mexico Water Dispute
    8. Can Fit-for-Purpose Water Reuse Help Our Water Shortages?
    9. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  8. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 18

    1. 2 Groundwater Districts Share an Aquifer, Differ in Methods of Operation
    2. On Environment Issues, Younger Bush Takes a More Moderate Tone
    3. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    4. The Q&A: Sharlene Leurig
    5. The Bookshelf: Sept. 10, 2014
    6. Lakes Eyed by Cities as Water Supply
    7. U.S. House Passes Bill To Block Proposed Water Rule
    8. Researchers Find Arsenic Levels Higher Near Gas Wells
    9. Mexico Owes Water to Texas Under Treaty
    10. California Passes New Groundwater Controls
    11. California's Rural Poor Affected by Drought
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  9. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 17

    1. Proposed Water Supply Project Draws Praise, Concerns
    2. In Panhandle, a Growing Need for a Lake's Water
    3. Ohio Water Crisis a Warning for Texas
    4. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    5. The Q&A: Amy Hardberger
    6. The Bookshelf: Aug. 27, 2014
    7. Event: Workshop on Outreach Tips for Water Organizations
    8. Can Brackish Water Add to Water Sources?
    9. LCRA Delays Decision on New Water Management Plan
    10. Comal Springs to Get Extra Monitoring
    11. Nevada Project to Explore Drought Resiliency
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  10. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 16

    1. Congress Holds Hearing on Red River Land Fight
    2. Drinking Water Systems Draw Federal Concerns
    3. Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition Recap
    4. The Q&A: Jim Blackburn
    5. The Bookshelf: July 30, 2014
    6. Texas A&M Group Offers Help With Shale Water Concerns
    7. LCRA Rangers to Track Water Thieves
    8. Habitat Conservation Plan Aims to Protect San Marcos River
    9. Scientists to Study Drought-Stricken Trees
    10. New Film Documents Colorado River Surge
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
    12. Gone Fishing
  11. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 15

    1. Water Planners Focus on a More Populous Texas, but Not a Hotter One
    2. State to San Antonio: No, You Can't Own Your Wastewater
    3. Manufacturing Giant's Water Woes a Sign of What's to Come
    4. The Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition
    5. The Q&A: Karen Ford
    6. The Bookshelf: July 16, 2014
    7. Event: Workshops for Irrigators
    8. Report: Texas Among 10 Worst States for Water Pollution
    9. Scientist Says Onion Creek Likely to Flood Again
    10. New Desalination Plant Could Treat Fracking Water
    11. Farmers' Wells in California Could Run Dry
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  12. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 14

    1. 5th Circuit Reverses District Court Opinion in Victory for Water Suppliers
    2. Methane Inquiry Closes, but Questions Linger
    3. The Q&A: Blair Fitzsimons
    4. Legislature to Consider Protection of Watersheds
    5. TWDB Announces System for Prop 6 Funding
    6. New Fracking Study Suggests Methane Leakage a Problem
    7. Las Vegas Facing Major Water Crisis
    8. Researchers Find Chemical in Plastic Changes Turtles' Hormones
    9. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  13. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 13

    1. Proposed New Rules Shed Light on Future Water Projects
    2. The Q&A: Martin Rochelle
    3. The Bookshelf: June 18, 2014
    4. Meeting: LCRA Board to Discuss Water Rates
    5. Texas Legislators Consider Expanding Desalination
    6. North Texas Cities Cut Water Usage
    7. Study Says California Could Expand Water Supply
    8. A Ride of a Lifetime Through the Once-Dry Colorado Delta
    9. Study Finds Toxic Chemicals in Half of European Waters
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  14. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 12

    1. Railroad Commission Sides With Driller on Well Protest
    2. Official Says Marvin Nichols Reservoir Should Stay in Water Plan
    3. The Q&A: Jordan Furnans
    4. The Bookshelf: June 4, 2014
    5. Event: Texas Water Safari
    6. Event: World Oceans Day
    7. Event: "Keep Rivers Flowing" Webinar No. 3
    8. Dallas Water Plans Stir Debate in Northeast Texas
    9. Rancher Advocates Adaptability in Ranching, Farming Techniques
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  15. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 11

    1. TCEQ Proposal Could Mean More Dry Years for Rice Farmers
    2. No Joke: Most Texas Cities' Drinking Supplies Flush With "Potty Water"
    3. What's the Magic Number on Texas' Water Needs?
    4. The Q&A: Sarah B. Faust
    5. The Bookshelf: May 21, 2014
    6. Event: "Keeping Rivers Flowing: Innovative Strategies to Protect and Restore Rivers" Webinar
    7. Skeleton Found in Underwater Cave in Mexico Yielding Secrets
    8. Scientists Find Mississippi River System Failing to Buffer Nitrates
    9. Barton Springs Drainage System Said to Be Failing
    10. U.S. House Authorizes 34 Water Projects
    11. Olympic Sailors Wary of Water in Rio
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  16. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 10

    1. LCRA Draws Criticism Over Proposed Rate Hikes
    2. As Rice Farmers in Texas Turn to Groundwater, Can They Stay Afloat?
    3. The Q&A: Tom Gooch
    4. The Bookshelf: May 7, 2014
    5. Event: Southwest Stream Restoration Conference
    6. For Colorado, Lessons From Texas on Water
    7. Report Says Crops Okay but Will Need Water Soon
    8. House Science Committee Chairman Rejects Climate Report
    9. Wichita Falls to Turn Wastewater Into Drinking Water
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  17. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 9

    1. Appointment of Brazos Watermaster Hotly Contested in East Texas
    2. Criticism of Water Policy Flows From Conservatives
    3. The Q&A: Stacey Steinbach
    4. The Bookshelf: April 23, 2014
    5. Event: 2014 Texas Water Summit
    6. Event: "Keep Rivers Flowing" Webinar
    7. Does Water Cause More Storm Damage Than Wind?
    8. Pulse Flow Transforms Colorado Delta
    9. Researchers Study Effects of Deforestation on Fish in the Amazon
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  18. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 8

    1. Despite Conservation Success, Water Still Vexing for San Antonio
    2. Galveston Bay Oil Spill Threatens the Area's Lucrative Fishing Industry
    3. The Q&A: Robert Cullick
    4. The Bookshelf: April 9, 2014
    5. Event: Riparian and Stream Ecosystem Workshop in Weslaco
    6. People Spotlight: New Member Named to State Water Fund
    7. Report Issued on Public Input on New State Water Fund
    8. Lubbock Looks Beyond Conservation for Water Supply
    9. Bravo Basin and Colorado Included on Most-Stressed Rivers List
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  19. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 7

    1. Galveston Bay Spill Presents Grave Risks
    2. The Bookshelf: March 26, 2014
    3. Event: Launch of "Our Desired Future"
    4. Event: Texas Wild Rice Festival
    5. Filmmakers Explain Ties to San Marcos River
    6. New Resource: TWDB Adds Groundwater Data
    7. Spring Lake Still a Destination for Travelers
    8. Judge Strikes Down Can Ban
    9. U.S., Mexico to Release Water Into Arizona's Colorado River Delta
    10. California Considers Dams Amid Drought
    11. Climate Report Said to Warn of Risks
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  20. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 6

    1. Official Says Marvin Nichols Reservoir Should Stay in Water Plan
    2. Cloud Seeding Advocates Look to Build Momentum
    3. The Q&A: Kyle Frazier
    4. The Bookshelf: March 12, 2014
    5. Event: Texas Water Symposium in Fredericksburg
    6. Event: Southwest Stream Restoration Conference
    7. People Spotlight: TWDB's New Rural Ombudsman
    8. Water Tip: Don't Pour Oil and Grease Down Your Drain
    9. How Rivers Reveal Past History
    10. Paddlefish Returning to Caddo Lake
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  21. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 5

    1. A Note From Andrew Sansom
    2. TCEQ Defers Decision on Rice Farmers Along Lower Colorado
    3. The Q&A: Todd Votteler and Robert Gulley
    4. The Bookshelf: Feb. 26, 2014
    5. Event: World Premiere of Yakona at SXSW
    6. People Moves: Governor Appoints New Member of TWDB
    7. Checking Texas Water Quality: Calling All Paddlers
    8. UT Study Analyzes Water Use in Barnett Shale Drilling
    9. Good News and Bad News for Farmers
    10. Examining California's Controversial Water Plan
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  22. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 4

    1. Texans Answer Call to Conserve Water, Only to Face Paying Higher Rates
    2. Report: Water Availability a Risk for Oil, Gas Drillers
    3. After Years of Searching, San Antonio Shelves Groundwater Projects
    4. Rio Grande Water Users Fear Groundwater Pumping Project
    5. Straus Issues Interim Charges on Water
    6. Among Texas Products Affected by California Drought: Wine
    7. 21 States Try to Halt Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan
    8. Drought Now Threatens California's Drinking Water
    9. Event: Southwest Stream Restoration Conference
    10. Event: National Wildlife Week to Focus on Water
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  23. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 3

    1. San Antonio Wants Full Ownership of Wastewater
    2. Talk of Tighter Flounder, Trout Rules Questioned
    3. Edwards Aquifer Plan Receives High Honor at Turbulent Time
    4. Texas Water Development Board Member Resigns
    5. California Grapples With Drought Emergency
    6. TCEQ Allows Water to Be Cut Off to Rice Farmers
    7. New Braunfels Loses Battle Over Can Ban
    8. New Panel to Study Desalination
    9. Film Tells Stories of Cities Searching for Solutions to Water Crisis
    10. Event: Southwest Stream Restoration Conference
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  24. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 2

    1. Border Towns Struggle With Water Infrastructure
    2. Brackish Water Abounds, but Using It Isn't Simple
    3. New Low Beginning for Edwards Aquifer
    4. Colorado River's Troubles May Be Just Beginning
    5. Researchers Find Superbug in China's Wastewater
    6. Study: Economics Shape Groundwater Resources in Panhandle
    7. Event: Regional Premiere of Film
    8. Event: North Texas Water Summit
    9. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  25. Trib+Water Vol: 2 Issue 1

    1. Groundwater Pumping Takes an Unexpected Toll on the Texas Gulf Coast
    2. Phil Wilson Named New LCRA General Manager
    3. Drought, Water Demand Are Stressing Matagorda Bay
    4. Floating Junk Creating New Marine Ecosystem
    5. Despite Drought, Texas Leads the Way in Water Parks
    6. Farmers and Ranchers Look Back on a Difficult Year
    7. Leaky Pipes Causing Major Water Loss in Texas
    8. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels