University of Texas at San Antonio Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $454,197
Lowest Salary $1,473
Median Salary $39,024
Last Updated February 6, 2012

Browse salaries at University of Texas at San Antonio by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Ricardo Romo OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT President $454,197
C M Agrawal COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Dean $296,940
John H Frederick ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs $272,821
Lynda Y de la Vina COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Dean $264,089
Marjorie M French UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT Vice President for University Advancement $262,223
Robert W Gracy RESEARCH Vice President, Research $254,605
George Perry COLLEGE OF SCIENCES Dean $252,164
Ravinderpal Singh Sandhu COLLEGE OF SCIENCES Professor $249,049
Kerry L Kennedy BUSINESS AFFAIRS Vice President for Business Affairs $239,775
Da-Hsiang D Lien ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Professor $222,286
Joe L Martinez Jr BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Professor $221,280
Rogelio Saenz COLLEGE OF PUBLIC POLICY Dean $220,000
Larry E Coker INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS Head Football Coach $220,000
Marianne Woods RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION Senior Associate Vice President for Research Administration $208,535
Dana A Forgione ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT Professor $207,742
John D Murphy Jr COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE Dean $203,601
Miguel Jose-Yacaman PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY DEPARTMENT Professor $203,422
Julius M Gribou EXECUTIVE VICE PROVOST Executive Vice Provost $201,464
Jeffrey E Kantor RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT Senior Associate Vice President for Research Development $198,073
Frederick Robert Chang INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT Professor $195,875
Marcel I Perret-Gentil LABORATORY ANIMAL RESOURCES CENTER Director of Laboratory Animal Resources, University Veterinarian $195,534
Gage E Paine STUDENT AFFAIRS Vice President for Student Affairs $194,308
Christopher G Ellison SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Dean's Distinguished Professor $190,931
Yiuman Tse FINANCE DEPARTMENT Professor $189,783
Garry T Cole BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Professor $186,380
Les Edward Shephard CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Professor $183,380
Larry J Shrum MARKETING DEPARTMENT Professor $183,288
Judy Teale BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Professor $178,082
Fengshan Frank Chen MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Professor $177,859