University of North Texas Health Science Center Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $838,617
Lowest Salary $20
Median Salary $37,314
Last Updated February 3, 2012

Browse salaries at University of North Texas Health Science Center by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Catherine Mary Sanchez Student Affairs Sr Financial Aid Counselor $41,328
Wendy Sue Lee Forensic & Invest Genetics Administrative Associate $41,320
Itzel Nayheli Pena Off. for Protection Human Subj Human Subject Protection Coor. $41,172
Amy L Chambers Pharmacology & Neuroscience Academic Curriculum Coord $41,051
Jamie Ash Sustaire UNT Health Business Services Financial Analyst, TIOPA $41,013
Ruth Rodriguez-Dunnahoo Forensic & Invest Genetics Sr Evidence Custodian $40,968
Maria S Angel Fac Mgmt Serv Administration Interior Designer $40,932
Amanda Elizabeth Oglesby UNT Health Psych & Behav Hlth Testing Specialist $40,932
Walter Brad Anderson Office Of Grants & Contract GrantsInfoSystemAnalyst $40,930
Jenny Caridad Herod UNT Health Psych & Behav Hlth Certified Coder $40,808
Susan S Libby CETS Computer Users Support Spec II $40,800
Sue Ann Bramlett Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency Program Coordinator $40,796
Leanne E Rogers UNT Health Business Services Cash Handling Coordinator $40,787
Kristi R Wolfe Student Affairs Sr Financial Aid Counselor $40,728
Patricia Ann Baker Dean, GSBS Admin.Services Officer $40,648
Catherine L Boney Medical Student Admissions Admissions Coordinator $40,598
Brenda L Swiskoski Internal Medicine Administrative Manager $40,572
Wanda D Long UNT Health Family Medicine Certified Coder $40,535
Susan D Rogers Integrative Physiology Administrative Specialist $40,507
Vien Luu Nguyen Molecular Biology & Immunology Research Scientist $40,488
Linda Vice Shook Human Resource Services Asst Dir Biomedical Comm $40,408
Ronald Edgar Williams Dean, TCOM Admin Director Medical Ed $40,400
Jack N Chrysler Fac Mgmt Serv Administration Building Utilities Mechanic $40,391
Janis M. Minyard Accounting Sr Financial Analyst $40,376
John Anthony Hall Fac Mgmt Serv Administration Plumber $40,360
Jose R Munoz Fac Mgmt Serv Administration Air Cond Heating Refrig Mech $40,336
John Edwin Aschenbrenner Cell Biology & Anatomy Associate Professor $40,293
Velma Thomason UNT Health Family Medicine Sr LVN $40,283
Kathryn Sue Dunaway Budget Office Admin.Services Officer $40,272
Anindita Mukerjee Molecular Biology & Immunology Postdoctoral Research Assoc. $40,248