University of Houston-Downtown Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $304,880
Lowest Salary $663
Median Salary $46,831
Last Updated August 3, 2011

Browse salaries at University of Houston-Downtown by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
William Vincent Flores Office of the President President $304,880
David Michael Fields College of Business Dean Business $190,000
David Michael Bradley Administration & Finance VP, Administration & Finance $177,662
Lisa M. Montgomery Office of the President Spec. Asst. to President $154,500
Johanna T. Wolfe Advance & External Relations VP, Advancement & External Rel $147,900
DoVeanna Sherie Fulton Humanities & Social Sciences Dean Humanities & Soci Science $145,000
Hossein Shahrokhi Information Technology Assoc VP, Information Tech $141,602
Ivonne D. Montalbano Employment Svcs & Operations VP, Employment Services & Ops $141,574
Mary E. Pelz College of Public Service Dean Public Services $129,986
Richard A. Alo Computer & Math Sciences Professor $129,377
Gary L. Stading Academic Systems Asst VP, AA & Dean, Undergrad $128,000
Donald La Vere Bates Mgmt, Mkt. & Business Admin. Professor $125,460
James A. Uzman Sciences & Technology Interim Dean, Science & Tech $125,000
Robert Jarrett Advising & Mentoring Dean, Acd Advising & Mentoring $125,000
Tomikie Lasha Pickett LeGrande Student Affairs Dean, Enrollment Management $125,000
Sandra D. Garcia Research & Sponsored Programs Asst. VP, Research & Spon Prog $125,000
Wendall Corrigan Braniff Mgmt, Mkt. & Business Admin. Instructional Faculty $125,000
Lucille Pointer Mgmt, Mkt. & Business Admin. Chair $124,717
Erin G. Mayer Information Technology Exec Dir, Information Tech $124,385
Christopher G. McCall Facilities Management Asst VP, Facilities Management $121,972
Beatrice Birchak University College Dean University College $120,374
Patrick S. Williams Institutional Effectiveness Assoc VP, Planning & Inst Effe $120,054
Brian Richard Chapman Natural Sciences Professor $120,000
Kenneth E. Oberhoff Engineering Chair $113,957
Justo Rafael Manrique Finance, Accounting & CIS Chair $112,694
Kong M. Yin Enterprise Systems Dir, Enterprise Systems $112,603
Kwame Opuni Student Affairs Adm, Stud Succ Grants & Spe Pr $112,522
Said Mohamad Fattouh User Support Services Dir, User Support Services $111,834
Shishen Xie Computer & Math Sciences Chair $111,577
Edmund Paul Cueva Arts and Humanities Chair $111,073