The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $665,000
Lowest Salary $58
Median Salary $37,868
Last Updated February 6, 2012

Browse salaries at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Yvette Casarez CTRC/Office of the Director Mgr, Pharmkinetic Samp Dept $41,408
Ann W. Hix Pharmacology Assistant To The Chair - Int $41,400
Lora L Tumlinson Inst for Integration Med & Sci Academic Programs Coordinator $41,400
Deborah A Galindo Dental Clinic Accounting Coord-Int $41,394
Dorothy A Fuentes UT Medicine-MSRDP Computer Operator-Interm $41,359
Eileen M Kleffner Surgery Academic Programs Coordinator $41,356
Tamara D Simpson Medicine -Pulmonary Disease Assistant Professor/Clinical $41,334
Barbara A. Hunter Pathology Electron Microscopy Tech-Sr $41,325
Dora Rodriguez Pathology Assistant To The Chair - Int $41,317
Nora E. Escalon Dean Medical School Administrative Asst-Senior $41,306
Olga C Chaves Research Imaging Institute Research Area Spec-Int $41,301
Rachal Lara Cardenas Cardiothoracic Surgery Medical Staff Coordinator $41,275
Anoop Nambiar Medicine -Pulmonary Disease Assistant Professor/Clinical $41,246
Amit Chouhan Physiology Research Associate $41,244
Nikolay P. Akimov Physiology Research Associate $41,244
Donnabelle J. Bumanglag UT Medicine-MSRDP Medical Records Coder-Senior $41,240
James Schmitz Orthopaedics Research Core Facility Techno $41,240
Paulina H. Mazurek Student Services Program Coordinator $41,240
Joseph L Shumaker Jr Facilities Mgt Utilities Operator-Senior $41,220
Alicia F Hernandez Dean Nursing Sch Project Coordinator $41,200
Heather King Med/Hospital Medicine Accountant-Intermediate $41,200
Paula Garza Institute of Biotechnology Research Associate $41,164
John James Glacken III Facilities Mgt Information Tech Specialist $41,125
Nelda R Potter Dean Dental School Academic Programs Coordinator $41,120
Dominie M. Dominguez Pathology Histology Technician-Senior $41,118
Lois M Mathis Dental Clinic Clinical Supervisor-Associate $41,100
Patricia Alexander Inst Rev Board Research Compliance Coord $41,088
Nancy L. Starr UT Medicine-MSRDP Medical Records Coder-Int $41,007
Priya Venkatakrishnan Biochemistry Postdoctoral Fellow $41,004
Kumaraguruparan Ramasamy Med/Hematology & Med Oncology Postdoctoral Fellow $41,000