PHYSICS Salaries at The University of Texas at El Paso

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $128,218
Lowest Salary $17,157
Median Salary $43,057
Name Title Salary
Vivian Incera Professor $128,218
Jorge A Lopez Professor $105,453
Efrain J Ferrer Professor $93,127
Cristian E Botez Associate Professor $72,927
Eric A Hagedorn Associate Professor $71,271
Felicia S Manciu Associate Professor $69,593
Marian M Manciu Associate Professor $69,273
Chunqiang Li Assistant Professor $68,000
Rosa Fitzgerald Associate Professor $67,632
Tunna Baruah Assistant Professor $61,333
Jessica Dunmore Lecturer $45,000
Edward L Bustamante TECHNICAL STAFF ASSOCIATE $43,057
Hikmat Bc Lecturer $42,000
Sergio Flores COORDINATOR $41,071
Bo Feng POST DOCTORAL $41,000
Charles T Hawkins Lecturer $41,000
Huiyan Yang Lecturer $40,880

Employees with salaries less than $40,000 are not shown in the list, but may be searched for by name.