The University of Texas at Dallas Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $505,480
Lowest Salary $20
Median Salary $21,364
Last Updated February 6, 2012

Browse salaries at The University of Texas at Dallas by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Ana-Maria Mata-Otero BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES Research Associate $41,904
Carmen C Williams Environmental and Health Safety Parking Supervisor $41,897
Suzanne Elizabeth Potts Material Science Engineering Administrative Assistant II $41,888
Robert R Atkins FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Building Automation Syst Spec $41,887
Mary Ann Routzahn UNIVERSITY POLICE Administrative Assistant II $41,854
Ngoc Thi Nguyen Human Resources Management Payroll Technician/Analyst II $41,791
Amandeep Kaur Sra CHEMISTRY Lecturer I $41,779
Cynthia Ann Long Space Sciences Administrative Assistant II $41,690
John H Turner Facilities Administration MAINTENANCE FOREMAN $41,663
Ricky D Robinson Facilities Administration Maintenance Supervisor $41,591
Lauren Elizabeth Clark Development & Alumni Relations Development Associate $41,549
Jacqueline A Long INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Project Supervisor $41,537
Rachael L Elward Vital Longevity Research Associate $41,531
Lonny D Yarborough Facilities Administration HVAC Technician I $41,523
Cathy Bittner BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES Administrative Assistant I $41,499
Joe G Jennings Facilities Administration Maintenance Worker III $41,470
Barbara J Thompson DEAN OF STUDENTS Administrative Assistant II $41,465
Tzu-Fang Lou MOLECULAR & CELL BIOLOGY Research Eng/Sci Assoc III $41,415
Jesus Israel Mejia Silva RESEARCH Research Scientist $41,400
Gene A Woten Electrical Engineering TECHNICAL STAFF ASSOCIATE $41,320
Matthew Sherman Patchin Jr UNIVERSITY POLICE Police Officer Univ Police $41,294
David John Simcoe Callier Center for Communication Technical Staff Assistant V $41,293
David More BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES Research Assistant III $41,290
Linda M Drew Vital Longevity Research Scientist $41,287
Denice Marie Myers Center for Brain Health Administrative Assistant II $41,200
Lynn Anne Hankins MANAGEMENT Academic Advisor II $41,190
Sharon J Pianka Executive Education Administrative Services Off II $41,189
Abbie L Bailey BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES Administrative Assistant I $41,178
Sandy Renee Runowski RECORDS & REGISTRATION Assistant Registrar $41,177
Mark E Worland FACILITIES MANAGEMENT HVAC Commercial Technician $41,170