The University of Texas at Dallas Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $505,480
Lowest Salary $20
Median Salary $21,364
Last Updated February 6, 2012

Browse salaries at The University of Texas at Dallas by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Tracey Dianne Tatum Finance Administrative Services Off II $42,823
Beverly G Young MANAGEMENT Administrative Assistant I $42,819
Courtney Michelle Glass Frost CBH Chapman Casual Labor Employee $42,789
Sandra E Mitchell Environmental and Health Safety Admin Project Coordinator II $42,764
Ellen Christine Curtis ECS Student Services Academic Advisor Iii $42,754
Lesley Ann Stephenson RESEARCH Grants/Contracts Specialist II $42,750
Tineil N Lewis STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Asst Dir Student Life Programs $42,730
Beatrice K Rasmussen PHYSICS Senior Lecturer I $42,577
Angela Thompson Scoggins Undergraduate Education Assistant Director $42,423
Kellie Jean Hanford ENROLLMENT SERVICES Enrollment Serv Advisor III $42,421
Valerie A Brunell Undergraduate Education Program Coordinator $42,415
Jane E Shipman CAREER CENTER Counseling Specialist III $42,399
Suzanne G Newsom Electrical Engineering Administrative Assistant II $42,394
Sharon C Edwards Lithospheric Studies Administrative Assistant II $42,383
Nithya Ramachandran Material Science Engineering Accountant II $42,344
Xin-Lin Gao Mechanical Engineering Research Scientist-Faculty $42,333
Shawn William Cubbage UNIVERSITY POLICE Police Officer Univ Police $42,186
Mary Ann C Stewart ECS Student Services Program Coordinator $42,164
Mareze Visser Crone RECORDS & REGISTRATION Academic Coordinator $42,138
Michael Ray Moore Facilities Administration Casual Labor Employee $42,120
Carolyn Rodriguez Neisius Facilities Administration Pipefitter $42,110
Margaret Seaton Flagg Center for Brain Health Special Events Associate $42,103
Andreka Fluker Peat STUDENT COUNSELING Psychologist IV $42,023
Baocheng An Material Science Engineering Technical Staff Assistant V $42,022
Matthew Mc Unkenholz ARTS AND HUMANITIES Technical Services Mgr $42,004
Thomasina A Hickmann ACADEMIC AFFAIRS AND PROVOST Learning Specialist IIi $41,988
Brandon W Seitzler Material Science Engineering Research Associate $41,986
Laranda Denise Eakin Bioengineering Admin Services Officer I $41,970
Stacey R Rotunno UNIVERSITY POLICE Police Officer Univ Police $41,947
Elizabeth Ann Ramirez ATHLETICS Administrative Assistant II $41,920