The University of Texas at Dallas Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $505,480
Lowest Salary $20
Median Salary $21,364
Last Updated February 6, 2012

Browse salaries at The University of Texas at Dallas by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
John Harold Hansen Electrical Engineering ENDOWED CHAIR $267,893
Huibing Zhang MANAGEMENT Professor $267,239
Stanimir G Markov MANAGEMENT Associate Professor $263,419
Robert Louis Kieschnick MANAGEMENT Associate Professor $260,028
John Hart Junior BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES Research Scientist-Faculty $258,810
Sandra B Chapman BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES Research Scientist-Faculty $257,909
Daniel Andrei Cohen MANAGEMENT Associate Professor $257,002
Li Zhang MOLECULAR & CELL BIOLOGY Admin Supplement For Faculty $256,674
Gregory Gwynne Dess MANAGEMENT ENDOWED CHAIR $253,838
Mario A Rotea Mechanical Engineering Professor and Program Head $251,143
Daniel G Arce ECONOMIC POLITICAL & POLICY Professor $249,668
Srinivasan Raghunathan MANAGEMENT Professor $247,533
Andrew James Blanchard ACADEMIC AFFAIRS AND PROVOST Vice Provost $246,503
Vijay S Mookerjee MANAGEMENT Endowed Professorship $245,821
Milind W Dawande MANAGEMENT Professor $242,378
George A McMechan Natural Sciences/Math - Deans Office Ida Green Professor $240,849
B P Murthi MANAGEMENT Professor $238,167
Aaron T Conley Office of the President Vice President for Development $230,780
Farokh B Bastani Computer Science ENDOWED CHAIR $229,364
Brian J Berry ECONOMIC POLITICAL & POLICY Research Scientist-Faculty $228,070
Stanley J Liebowitz MANAGEMENT Ashbel Smith Professor $227,779
Bhavani M Thuraisingham Computer Science Professor $227,713
Surya N Janakiraman MANAGEMENT Associate Professor $225,655
Dongsheng Ma Electrical Engineering Associate Professor $225,333
Robert M Wallace Material Science Engineering Professor $224,689
Ram C Rao MANAGEMENT Founders Professor $221,517
Arzu Ozoguz MANAGEMENT Assistant Professor $220,335
Russell A Hulse Office of the President Assoc VP for Strategic Init $219,057
John P Ferraris Natural Sciences/Math - Deans Office ENDOWED CHAIR $218,201
Kathryn E Stecke MANAGEMENT Ashbel Smith Professor $218,194