The University of Texas at Brownsville Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $304,179
Lowest Salary $600
Median Salary $51,612
Last Updated February 6, 2012

Browse salaries at The University of Texas at Brownsville by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Juliet V Garcia Office of the President President $304,179
Alan F.J. Artibise Office of the Provost Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs $236,000
Mark Joseph Kroll Dean School of Business Dean, School of Business $185,000
Dawn Galadriel Stoyanoff Office of VPBA It Project Manager $165,000
Rosemary R Martinez Office of VPBA Vice President, Business Affairs $155,264
Miguel Angel Escotet Dean School of Education Dean, Education $152,000
Luis V Colom Vice President for Research Vice President for Research $150,000
Ruth Ann Ragland Office of the Provost Associate Provost $149,275
Mikhail M Bouniaev Dean of Sci/Math/Tech Dean, Science, Mathematics, & Engineering Technology $147,000
Clair Goldsmith Information Technology V.P. for Information Tech., Chief Infor. Officer & D.I.S. $145,000
Nelda Christine Martinez Nursing Profesor $140,000
Daniel J. Heimmermann Dean of Liberal Arts Dean, Liberal Arts $135,720
Mario Claudio Diaz Physics and Astronomy Professor $130,200
Musa M Essayyad Business Administration Associate Dean $130,038
Karla Mongeon-Stewart Office of Assistant VPAA Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs $125,000
Richard Price Physics and Astronomy Professor $121,398
Irvine William Downing Office of VPED&CS Vice President for Economic Development and Community Serv. $121,150
Veronica Mendez Office of Space Management Associate Vice President for Facilities and Planning $120,000
Hilda Silva Office of VPSA Vice President Student Affairs $120,000
Terry Patrice Overton Office of the Provost Dean, University College $119,504
James R Holt Associate VP & Dean for WTCE Associate Vice President & Dean for WTCE $115,489
Eldon L Nelson Office of the Provost Interim Dean, College of Biomedical Sciences & Health Prof. $115,363
Michael W Lehker Center for Biomedical Studies Associate Dean $110,000
Benigno Guadalupe Reyna Office of the Provost Assistant Provost for Governmental Relations $108,233
Hugh M Shane Business Administration Professor $108,200
Douglas Jay Arney Office of Associate VPBA Associate Vice President, Business Affairs $108,067
Paul Jepsen Robertson Business Administration Associate Professor $105,200
Ethel K Cantu Office of Associate VPAA Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs $103,806
Charles W Lackey Dean, Graduate Office Dean, Graduate Office $102,475
Rene Villarreal Enrollment Management Associate Vice President, Enrollment $102,313