COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION Salaries at The University of Texas at Austin

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $268,378
Lowest Salary $18,750
Median Salary $48,705
Name Title Salary
Roderick P Hart Dean $268,378
Janice M Daman Assistant Dean $154,300
Charles Soto Director $97,000
Matthew R Berndt Director Of Placement $95,000
Darrell D Rocha Assistant Dean $95,000
Philip Paul Nemy Director $91,344
Michael Joseph Wilson Director Of Development $90,000
Jimmie S Calhoun Assistant Director $87,000
David C Cox Assistant Director $78,500
Jay Whitman Manager $75,800
Rodney T Fehlhafer Manager $75,300
Anne M Reed Executive Assistant $73,591
Jeffrey G Toreki Finance Manager $73,004
Khaled M Jaber Assistant Director $72,000
Christopher David Hart Manager $70,000
Jay M Williams Academic Advising Coordinator $61,991
Melissa K Linden Assistant Director for Development $60,000
William G White Sr Software Developer/Analyst $59,638
Derek A Castillo Assistant Director for Development $58,500
Noe Gonzales Academic Advising Coordinator $57,900
Debora A Kubena Senior Placement Representative $57,144
Jessica W Burford Assistant Director for Development $56,372
Cynthia A Patino Academic Advising Coordinator $56,190
Christopher Lee Yandle Software Developer/Analyst $56,000
Alicia S Vogel Information Technology Coordinator II $55,636
Efrain Colon-Cabrera Systems Administrator II $55,500
Elizabeth A Maclean Senior Program Coordinator $52,889
Susan A Laronde Webmaster $51,438
Wendy Dianne Boggs Academic Advising Coordinator $51,168
Andrea Lynne Poag Academic Advising Coordinator $50,811