The University of Texas at Arlington Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $416,619
Lowest Salary $150
Median Salary $43,063
Last Updated February 6, 2012

Browse salaries at The University of Texas at Arlington by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Ann H Healy Theatre Arts Senior Lecturer $40,445
John V Dowdy Jr FINANCE AND REAL ESTATE Senior Lecturer $40,420
Mia Alicia Gonzales Enterprise Development Research Engineering Scientist Assoc I $40,416
Yvonne D Dillon COLLEGE OF SCIENCE Administrative Services Officer II $40,416
Angela Rena Bailey Enterprise Development Coordinator II, Special Programs $40,415
Don E Beck III Art Technical Staff Assistant V $40,413
David N Mansholt FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Assistant Grounds Maintenance Supervisor $40,380
Mary L De Sessa BUDGETING AND PLANNING Accountant III $40,352
David Smith Mathematics Lecturer $40,334
Glenda Mitchell Mathematics Lecturer $40,278
Joseph I Santos EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY CENTER Community Education Specialist I $40,233
Penny J Driessner ACADEMIC AFFAIRS AND PROVOST Administrative Assistant I $40,213
Laurie Lea Akins Library Library Assistant IIi $40,169
Charlotte R Thomas FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Building Services Supervisor $40,169
Szu-Yen Liang Modern Languages Lecturer $40,156
Barbara D Sellers Economics Administrative Assistant I $40,130
Janis Burkham Dukes COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Student Development Specialist III $40,082
Brian D Williams Business Services Asset Management Associate $40,000
Eric M Stedman Police Department Police Officer $40,000
Jacob Daniel Bush Police Department Police Officer I $40,000
Zackary Wayne Buncik Athletics Assistant Basketball Coach $40,000
Erin Elizabeth Gonzales COLLEGE OF SCIENCE Academic Advisor Iii $40,000
Stephen A Berg RESIDENCE LIFE DIVISION Assistant Director $40,000

Employees with salaries less than $40,000 are not shown in the list, but may be searched for by name.