The University of Texas at Arlington Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $416,619
Lowest Salary $150
Median Salary $43,063
Last Updated February 6, 2012

Browse salaries at The University of Texas at Arlington by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Jose L Solis FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Utilities Station Operator II $41,797
Joseph S Belanger FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Air Conditioning Mechanic I $41,782
Jeremy R Roden Campus Recreation Assistant Director $41,749
Nancy Wyrick COLLEGE OF NURSING Clinical Instructor $41,720
Paul T Kelley FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Interior Designer $41,637
Lauren E Miller Auxiliary Services Assistant Director $41,619
Sandra L Wise Modern Languages Senior Lecturer $41,608
Victoria C McWilliams SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Academic Advisor Iii $41,603
Jacqueline Stephanie Vinson Enterprise Development Accounting Technician $41,565
Nancy J Baum Provost Office SPECIALIST $41,533
Debra M Basler Provost Office SPECIALIST $41,533
Kristy L Smith Criminology Visiting Assistant Professor $41,521
John G Hillas STUDENT ACTIVITIES Assistant Director $41,516
Angelita Winter RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION Grants and Contracts Specialist II $41,500
Chad A Larson Biology POST DOCTORAL FELLOW $41,500
Caroline Bailey Simpson STUDENT GOVERNANCE Student Development Specialist II $41,500
Elisabeth Rowlett ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Safety Specialist II $41,494
John F Sirianni Jr Athletics Assistant Baseball Coach $41,467
Sandra V Donaldson ADMISSIONS, RECORDS AND REGISTRATION Transcript Evaluator II $41,455
Janet Moody Melton CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION Clinical Assistant Professor $41,429
Joseph R Ewen Jr Management Lecturer $41,389
Fatima M Parsons Internal Audit Auditor II $41,380
Howard F McKay COLLEGE OF NURSING Clinical Instructor $41,360
Charles D Miller FINANCE AND REAL ESTATE Lecturer $41,339
James Young Allen III Human Resources Training Specialist IIi $41,287
Robert J Fischer Police Department Locksmith $41,176
Terry L Ceballos Provost Office SPECIALIST $41,133
Estella Capella Police Department Police Communications Operator $41,129
Marcia Kaye Koonce Enterprise Development Project Coordinator $41,088