HORTICULTURAL SCIENC Salaries at Texas AgriLife Extension Service (Texas A&M System)

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $130,942
Lowest Salary $17,500
Median Salary $46,500
Name Title Salary
Douglas Welsh PROF & EXT SPEC $130,942
Juan Anciso ASSO PROF & EXT SPEC $90,111
Larry Stein PROF & EXT SPEC $88,073
Steven George PROF & EXT SPEC $85,320
James Kamas ASST PROF & EXT SPEC $83,518
Russell Wallace ASSO PROF & EXT SPEC $80,331
Mengmeng Gu ASST PROF & EXT SPEC $76,001
Joseph Masabni ASST PROF & EXT SPEC $74,256
Edward Hellman PROF & EXT SPEC $74,182
Monte Nesbitt EXT PROG SPECIAL I $69,000
Lisa Whittlesey EXT PROG SPECIAL III $68,342
Randall Seagraves EXT PROG SPECIAL I $53,557
Michael Sipowicz EXT PROG SPECIAL I $50,001
Friedrich Westover EXT PROG SPECIAL I $43,000
Martin Anderson WEBSITE ADMINISTR $42,840
Andrew Labay EXTENSION ASSOC $42,000
Jayla Fry EXT PROG SPECIAL I $40,772
Karin Wallace EXTENSION ASSISTANT $40,041
Caren Walton Project Specialist $40,001

Employees with salaries less than $40,000 are not shown in the list, but may be searched for by name.