Tarrant County College Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $375,950
Median Salary $30,999
Last Updated August 1, 2013

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Name Department Title Salary
Erma Johnson Hadley DT Chancellor's Office Chancellor $375,950
Angela Robinson DT VC Administration Vice Chancellor for Administration and General Counsel $231,750
Mark McClendon DT VC Financial Services Vice Chancellor For Finance $209,419
Nina Petty DT VC Real Estate Vice Chancellor for Real Estate and Facilities $209,090
David Wells DT VC Academic Affairs Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs $202,860
Elva LeBlanc NW President's Office Campus President $198,038
Tahita Fulkerson TR President's Office Campus President $198,038
Linda Gates Black DT VC Student Success Vice Chancellor for Student Success $198,038
William Coppola SE President's Office Campus President $198,038
Larry Darlage NE President's Office Campus President $198,038
Peter Jordan SO President's Office Campus President $198,038
Timothy Marshall DT VC Info & Tech Srvcs Vice Chancellor for Information and Technology $190,290
Carlos Morales DT President TCC Connect Presiden $190,290
Reginald Gates DT VC Comm & External Affairs Vice Chancellor for Communications and External Affairs $187,007
Nancy Chang DT Finance & Accounting Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance $165,577
Martha Harper DT Assoc VC Academic Affairs Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs $154,500
Ricardo Coronado DT Human Resources Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources $146,391
Clifford McIntosh DT Res Dev & Coll Fndtn Executive Director for Development $142,882
Kirby Chadwell DT Facilites Planning Director of Facilities Planning and Development $140,080
Gary Preather DT Construction Services Director of Construction Services $140,080
Michael Eke DT Process Improvement Director of Process Improvement $133,900
Nydia Gonzalez DT Human Resources Contract $133,110
Suzanne Cottraux DT Mrktng & Public Relations Director of Public Relations and Marketing $130,000
David Ximenez DT Enrollment Services Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services $128,750
Troy Vaughn DT Assoc VC Continuing Ed Associate Vice Chancellor for Continuing Education Services $126,823
Jimmy Byars DT Information Services Assistant Director of Information Services $126,176
Terry Jones DT Information Services Assistant Director of Information Services $126,176
Richard Sullivan DT Information Services Assoc Vice Chan Operations $125,660
Joseph Bosley DT Projects and User Support Director - Projects and Client Support $125,021
Leann Ellis NW Academic Affairs Vice President for Academic Affairs $121,795