Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $210,000
Median Salary $35,650
Name Title Salary
Bruce J. Robertson Mgr III $57,550
Rachel T. Hutchinson Family & Protect Scvs Supr II $57,429
Francis Darleen Edwards Family Services Specialist II $57,425
Gaye Lynn Vopat Program Specialist V $57,422
Janine Fansher Melcer Family & Protect Svcs Supr III $57,411
Myrna Iris Baquero Mgr I $57,396
Evelyn D. Davis Mgr III $57,376
Charlene R. Warfield Family & Protect Scvs Supr II $57,363
Anna B. Perez Family & Protect Scvs Supr II $57,319
Shari O. Bullock Family & Protect Scvs Supr II $57,295
Joseph M. Wallace Systems Analyst V $57,247
Lana M. Estess Program Specialist VI $57,247
Richard L. Witthouse Systems Analyst V $57,247
Patricia C. Villafana-Nunes Project Manager III $57,247
Nicole E. Tran Systems Analyst V $57,247
Wesley A. Thompson Systems Analyst V $57,247
Mona S. Shah Systems Analyst V $57,247
Diane J. Salisbury Systems Analyst V $57,247
Howard J. Royer Network Spec V $57,247
David P. Rea Project Manager III $57,247
Michael D. Ochu Systems Analyst V $57,247
Kimberly E. Nicol Systems Analyst V $57,247
Lakshmi K. Nalla Systems Analyst V $57,247
Christie K. Moe Systems Analyst V $57,247
Angelita F. Lindemann Systems Analyst V $57,247
Sudha M. Kondadasu Systems Analyst V $57,247
Craig D. Johnson Telecom Spec V $57,247
Craig A. Howard Telecom Spec V $57,247
Moses C. Gonzalez Network Spec V $57,247
Nathan M. Ezell Project Manager III $57,247