Child Nutrition Service Salaries at Spring Branch ISD

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $96,160
Median Salary $30,696
Name Title Salary
Christopher Kamradt Director $96,161
Gayle Kellar NULL $73,066
Scott Stevens APPLIANCE TECHNICIAN $56,557
Katie Kattner Dietician $49,802
Kanan Mehta Accountant $49,672
Rosa West AREA SUPERVISOR $49,226
Kathy Graham AREA SUPERVISOR $48,777
Monica Dickson Supervisor $46,804
Katrina Pettaway AREA SUPERVISOR $46,354
Rocio Camarillo AREA SUPERVISOR $46,354

Employees with salaries less than $40,000 are not shown in the list, but may be searched for by name.