Sabine River Authority Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $226,128
Lowest Salary $27,960
Median Salary $47,496
Last Updated January 20, 2012

Browse salaries at Sabine River Authority by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Jerry L. Clark Authority General Office Executive Vice President & General Manager $226,128
James D. Montagne Authority General Office Assistant General Manager $200,928
Jack W. Tatum Authority General Office Water Resources Manager $164,424
Danny A. Choate Authority General Office Operations Manager $152,664
Gerard M. Sala Authority General Office Water Resources Coordinator $127,104
William R. Hughes Jr. Authority General Office Director of Engineering Services $119,280
Debra L. Stagner Authority General Office Authority General Office Manager & Controller $110,328
Elizabeth A. Galassi Authority General Office Economic Development/Public Relations Manager $109,872
Melvin T. Swoboda Authority General Office FERC Relicensing Project Coordinator $102,336
James D. Washburn Toledo Bend Division Toledo Bend Project Administrator $100,200
Troy D. Henry Iron Bridge & Lake Fork Divisions Upper Basin Regional Manager $93,480
Travis C. Williams Authority General Office Engineer $92,712
Thomas G. Pegues Lake Fork Division Division Manager $91,296
Mary S. Vann Resource Management & Project Development Director of Information Resources $90,096
Louis P. Jeanis II Gulf Coast Division Division Manager $86,256
Steven J. Dougharty Toledo Bend & Parks/Recreation Divisions Division Manager $79,584
Miles A. Hall III Environmental Services Division Division Manager $79,224
James E. Brown III Resource Management & Project Development Division Manager $79,200
Randy L. Traylor Iron Bridge Division Division Manager $76,872
Debra L. Malus Environmental Services Division Assistant Division Manager $69,408
Nancy J. Donnaud Authority General Office Senior Administrative Assistant/Benefits Coord. $64,776
John D. Payne Resource Management & Project Development Special Projects Administrator $64,296
Mark S. Howard Resource Management & Project Development GIS Administrator $64,296
Dana L. Toomey Authority General Office Accounting Coordinator $64,296
William J. Kirby Lake Fork Division Assistant Division Manager $64,056
Bertha S. Smith Authority General Office Administrative Assistant III $62,616
Kirk G. Stuart Iron Bridge Division Field Supervisor $61,896
John C. Jefferson Toledo Bend Division Automated Systems Operator $61,440
Jamie L. House Lake Fork Division Regional M & O Supervisor $61,440
Tommy A. Truitt Lake Fork Division Surveyor / Inspector $60,336