Rowlett Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $162,000
Lowest Salary $20,218
Median Salary $49,248
Last Updated January 17, 2012

Browse salaries at Rowlett by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Lynda Humble City Manager City Manager $162,000
Brian Funderburk City Manager Asst. City Manager $141,000
George Harris Fire Admin Fire Chief $140,008
James Walling Police Ploice Chief $122,469
Ann Honza Finance Admin DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL SERVICES $110,000
Lamar Evans Police Asst. Police Chief $103,756
Don Poovey Fire Admin Asst. Fire Chief $103,399
Dennis Abraham Pw Administration City Engineer $102,000
George Vadakin Accounting Accounting Manager $91,670
Shante Jordan Personnel/hr Human Resources Director $87,055
David Nabors Police POLICE LIEUTENANTS $86,258
Marvin Gibbs Police POLICE LIEUTENANTS $86,258
Steve Ferrie Police POLICE LIEUTENANTS $86,258
Janita Quinn City Secretary City Secretary $85,876
Tony Martinez Fire Admin Deputy Fire Chief $84,985
Thomas Harris Pw Administration Asst. City Engineer $84,975
Craig Watson Police POLICE LIEUTENANTS $83,745
James Wilson Fire Department Firefighter Paramedic $83,745
Terry McManus Fire Department Firefighter Paramedic $83,745
Brian Koschak Fire Department Firefighter Paramedic $83,745
Jermel Stevenson Parks Administration Director of Parks&Recreation $82,861
John Whipps It Administration It Manager $82,663
Bryan Beckner Fire Admin Fire Marshall $81,733
Leroy Brantley Police POLICE LIEUTENANTS $78,938
Jack Peoples Jr. Fire Department Fire Capt. $78,938
David Hooker Fire Department Firefighter Paramedic $78,938
Sean Fay Fire Department Firefighter Paramedic $78,938
Chuck Bozeman Fire Department Fire Capt. $78,938
Dean Poos Police Police Sergeants $76,639
Michael McGough Police POLICE LIEUTENANTS $76,639