Plano ISD Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $277,000
Median Salary $49,442
Last Updated April 18, 2013

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Name Department Title Salary
Richard K. Matkin Superintendents Office Superintendent $277,001
Patricia H. Meyer Campus Services Associate Superintendent for Campus Services $210,714
James P. Hirsch Academic & Technology Services Associate Superintendent Academic and Technology Services $210,714
Stephen Dale Fortenberry Business Services Associate Superintendent Business Services / Chief Financial Off $186,001
Cathleen M. Galloway District Services Associate Superintendent for District Services $175,713
Karla G. Oliver Communications Asst Superintendent of Govt., Community & Planning Initiatives $147,138
Linda S. Madon Financial Services Executive Director Financial Services $140,235
Tamira Griffin Human Resources Executive Director for Human Resources / Chief HR Officer $140,235
James R. Wussow Secondary Academic Services Executive Director Curriculum Instruction $136,001
Susan Dantzler Campus Services Executive Director for Elementary Administration $130,658
Susan L. Modisette Campus Services Executive Director for Secondary Administration $130,658
John Allen Student & Family Services Executive Director for Student & Family Services $130,658
Karen J. McDonald Plano East Senior High Principal Senior High $128,656
Katherine J. King Plano West Senior High Principal Senior High $128,656
Beverly J. Cantwell Elementary Academic Services Executive Director Elementary Curriculum & Instruction $128,501
Sarah B. Watkins Plano Senior High Principal Senior High $127,108
Joseph L. Parks Security Police Services Executive Director of Safety and Security $126,080
Mary K. Hewett Instructional Technology Executive Director - Instructional Technology $120,835
Daniel Armstrong Technology Operations Executive Director-Technology Operations $116,159
Gerald R. Brence Athletics DIRECTOR ATHLETICS $115,622
Rebeca R. Wussow HR Services Director HR Services $114,129
Richard H. Butler Auxiliary Services Executive Director Auxiliary Services $113,864
Bruce A. Larson New Construction Director Planning and New Construction $112,889
Christie Ownsby Duke Special Ed & Reading Assistant Exec Director Special Ed and Reading Services $111,012
Paul G. Weaver Guidance/Counseling Assistant Executive Director Guidance and Family Education Servi $109,578
Dharshana Weerasinghe Assessment and Accountability Executive Director Assessment and Accountability $109,084
Elizabeth H. Kirby Beverly Elementary Principal Elementary $107,395
Jun Denney Melvin Benefits & Risk Management Director Benefits & Risk Management $104,078
Kathryn M. Kuddes Fine Arts & Special Programs Director Fine Arts $103,453
William A. Forrester Transportation DIRECTOR TRANSPORTATION $103,212