Pasadena ISD Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $250,003
Lowest Salary $5,605
Median Salary $46,151
Last Updated March 22, 2012

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Name Department Title Salary
Kirk A Lewis Superintendent SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS $250,003
John Martin Piscacek Assoc Supt for Finance Assoc Supt Finance $158,523
Kevin Earl Fornof Facilities & Construction Assoc Supt Facilities & Constr $133,052
Barbara L Fuqua Accountability & Compliance Assoc Supt Acct. & Compliance $129,750
Jerry Lee Dennis Human Resources Assoc Supt for Human Resources $129,270
Stephen R Laymon Assoc Supt Campus Dev Assoc Supt Campus Development $125,852
Gloria Gallegos Assoc Supt Spec Pgm Assoc Supt Special Programs $125,372
Billye Joyce Smith Assoc Supt C&I 7-12th Assoc Supt Curr & Inst (7-12) $121,979
Rosaura Layne Prusz Assoc Supt Leadership & Inst. Assoc Supt Leadership & Inst $121,532
Ellen Deeann Powell Assoc Supt Campus Dev Assoc Supt Campus Development $120,452
Karen S Hickman Assoc Supt Curric&Instr PK-6th Assoc Supt Curr & Inst (PK-6) $120,092
Troy Alan Mccarley Assoc Supt Campus Dev Assoc Supt Campus Development $116,732
Steven Everett Wentz Technology Services Exec Dir Technology Services $114,224
Patricia Sermas Advanced Academics Director GAAA-Guidance,Assesme $113,966
Thomas D Swan Printing & Publications Executive Dir Special Projects $113,264
Angela Renee Stallings Pasadena Memorial High School Principal High School $112,327
Robert C Fawcett Student Services DIRECTOR STUDENT SERVICES $111,736
Robert Wayne Stock Sam Rayburn High School Principal High School $111,367
Ryan Leach Superintendent Assoc Supt General Counsel $110,732
Steven Keith Fullen South Houston High School Principal High School $110,407
Charles E Knight Custodial Operations DIRECTOR OPERATIONS $110,316
Joe Saavedra Pasadena High Principal High School $109,927
Susan Lynn Bauer Grants Department Ex. Director Grant Writing $108,944
Donald V Lazenby Director of Budget Director Budgets $108,423
Steven Gene Fleming New CTE High School Principal High School $108,007
Darla Danette Massey-Jones Administrative Services Exec Dir of Admin Services $107,024
Lana Sue Stahl Southmore Intermediate Principal Intermediate $105,805
Shirlyn A Ross Young Elementary Principal Elementary $105,569
Joyce A Boyd Compliance Monitoring Dir. for Compliance Monitoring $104,846
Angela Ruth Eng Purchasing DIRECTOR PURCHASING $104,583