Metropolitan Transit Authority Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $235,000
Lowest Salary $19,760
Median Salary $43,470
Last Updated July 29, 2013

Browse salaries at Metropolitan Transit Authority by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Thomas Lambert Executive Office Interim President & CEO $235,000
David Couch Capital Project Sr VP Capital Programs $226,600
Terence Fontaine Executive Office Interim Executive Vice President $202,992
Andrew Skabowski Service Delivery Sr VP Service Delivery $193,804
Debbie Sechler Finance Interim Sr VP & CFO $186,300
Alva Trevino Law General Counsel $185,400
Michael Krantz Capital Project Sr Program Director (Light Rail Lines) $183,615
Lloyd Welch Capital Project Sr Dir Program Mgmt,Integr&Vehicles $182,500
Thomas Jasien Executive Office VP and Dir Government Affairs $177,969
Scott Grogan Service Delivery Sr Dir Rail Operations $176,550
Jerome Gray Executive Office VP & Sr Press Officer $175,100
Kurt Luhrsen Service Design and Dev Interim Sr Vice President Svc Design&Dev $172,484
Victor Rodriguez METRO Police Chief of Police $169,125
Darrell Burtner Capital Project Sr Program Director (Light Rail Lines) $168,322
Vicente Obregon Capital Project AVP Eng & Major Capital Projects $167,163
Randy Frazier, Jr. Information Technology VP Chief Information Officer $165,600
Raul Luzarraga Human Resources VP Human Resources $164,800
Kimberly Williams CAO VP Small Business $164,000
Denise Wendler CAO VP Performance Improvement $163,200
Arthur Smiley Audit VP & Chief Auditor $162,428
Deborah Richard CAO VP Diversity & Compliance $154,156
Alireza Beheshti Capital Project Sr Dir Program Control $153,331
Robert Augustine Service Delivery Interim Sr Dir Transportation $150,960
Charles Berkshire Service Delivery Sr Dir Bus Maintenance $144,200
Karl Koch CAO Interim VP Mkg & Corp Communications $143,350
Russell Frank Executive Office Interim Chief of Staff $143,273
Rocky Marrero CAO VP Facilities Maintenance $142,800
Auturo Jackson Service Delivery Sr Dir Customer Care & Custom Service $133,250
Michael Kyme Procurement VP Procurement & Materials $132,508
Craig Goralski METRO Police Assistant Chief Of Police $132,480