Lamar University Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $395,000
Median Salary $41,000
Last Updated July 26, 2013

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Name Department Title Salary
Kenneth R. Evans Office of President President $395,000
Stephen A. Doblin Prov and VP for Acad Affairs Provost and VP Acad Affairs $209,100
Victor A. Zaloom Industrial Engineering Assoc Dean/Prof & Int Dean $207,326
Patrick C. Knight Mens Basketball Head Basketball Coach $204,000
Jack Hopper Dean of Engineering Dean & Exec Asst to President/Dir $194,028
Enrique Venta Dean of Business Dean/Professor $188,618
Cruse D. Melvin College of Arts and Science Assoc Dean/Prof of Physics $173,400
Hollis Lowery-Moore Dean Education and Human Developmen Dean/Professor $159,646
Brenda S. Nichols Dean of Arts and Sciences Dean/Professor $157,737
Kevin B. Smith Senior Assoc Provost Sr Assoc Prov-Int VP Stu Engag $153,490
Raymond L. Woodard Football Head Football Coach $153,000
Priscilla A. Parsons Information Technology Vice President Information Sys $153,000
Russ A. Schultz Dean of Fine Arts and Comm Dean/Professor $149,010
Camille J. Mouton University Advancement Vice Pres Univ Advancement $147,896
Tho C. Ho Chemical Engineering Chairman/Professor/Director $142,244
Carl L. Yaws Chemical Engineering Professor $138,104
William E. Harn Graduate Studies Dean/Professor $134,112
Vicky R. Farrow Planning and Assessment Exec Dir of OAAP/Sacs/Professo $132,094
William R. Holmes Dean Education and Human Developmen Assoc Dean/Professor $131,653
Hsing-Wei Chu Mechanical Engineering Chairman/Professor $131,362
Oney D. Fitzpatrick Assoc Provost for Student Retention Assoc Provost Student Reten $128,373
Wendell Bean Electrical Engineering Professor $127,544
David L. Cocke Chemical Engineering Professor $127,528
Juan J. Zabala University Advancement Assoc VP for Univ Advancement $125,705
Harley R. Myler Electrical Engineering Professor $124,004
Robert L. Yuan Civil Engineering Chair/Professor $123,858
Charles F. Hawkins Economics and Finance Professor $122,996
Kakoli Bandyopadhyay Information Systems and Analysis Chair/Professor $122,874
Norman J. Bellard Vice President Student Affairs Sr Assoc VP-Residence Life $122,118
Bradley W. Mayer Management and Marketing Professor/Dir of Accreditation $121,789