Lamar State College - Port Arthur Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $202,135
Median Salary $38,248
Last Updated July 24, 2013

Browse salaries at Lamar State College - Port Arthur by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
W. Sam Monroe President $202,135
Gary Dale Stretcher Academic Affairs Vice President $120,427
Samir J. Ghorayeb Information Technology Services Director $109,714
Thomas Gerald Neal Student Services Vice President $103,000
Charles E. Gongre Liberal Arts/Continuing Education Dean $94,802
Mary Alice Wickland Finance Vice President $92,250
Barbara Jane Huval Liberal Arts Director Inmate Education/Department Chair $86,139
Nancy Lynn Cammack Business and Technology Dean $79,840
Donna L. Dunigan Information Technology Services Assistant Director $79,250
Peter B. Kaatrude Library Dean $79,061
Stephen Wayne Arnold Physical Plant Director $77,446
Scott A. Street Health, Fitness & Sports Athletic Director $77,250
Ben K. Stafford Allied Health Director $75,000
Jamie Skeldon Larson Accounting Director $75,000
Linda D. Tait Small Business Development Center Director $70,982
Connie Ann Nicholas Admission and Records Registrar $68,876
Margaret Anneliese Gongre Allied Health Coordinator of Upward Mobility $66,470
Thomas Loren Wolfe Finance Purchasing Manager $63,710
Linda Marie McGee Human Resources Director $62,800
David V. Beard Museum of the Gulf Coast Director $60,000
Ricky Lee Calvert Business and Technology Instructor II $59,894
Wendi Sue Richard Information Technology Services Systems Analyst I $59,412
Darren Philip McIntire Academic Affairs Distance Learning Coordinator $59,089
Shirley Beth MacNeill Allied Health Instructor I $56,965
Carol Mary Barbay Math and Science Professor $56,521
Karen Gayle Duvall Payroll Director $56,509
Maureen Veltz Finance Director $56,310
Daniel A. Walzer Commercial Music Department Chair $56,106
John E. Burgin Information Technology Services Systems Administrator II $56,000
Thomas K. Cox Information Technology Services Applications and DBA $56,000