Lamar Institute of Technology Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $190,090
Lowest Salary $2,062
Median Salary $41,429
Last Updated September 5, 2013

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Name Department Title Salary
Paul J. Szuch President's Office President $190,090
Jonathan C. Wolfe Finance And Operations Vice Pres Finance & Operations $140,937
Betty J. Reynard Academic Affairs VP Acad Affairs & Workforce De $116,448
David P. Mosley Institutional Effectiveness Coord Instl Effect Grants $95,579
Vivian G. Jefferson Student Services Vice President Student Service $90,000
Melissa F. Armentor Academic Affairs Dean of Instruction $88,000
Jimmy L. Adams Workforce Training Dean of Workforce Devopment $85,000
Bonnie S. Albright Finance And Operations Director of Finance $84,345
Stephen M. Miller Business Technologies Academic Department Chair $84,053
Patrick M. O'Connor Technology Academic Department Chair $83,520
Jack O. Wiggins Facility Maintenance Director Facilities Mgt $80,340
Wilburn F. Lyons Public Service and Safety Academic Department Chair $79,722
Isaac Barbosa Technology Services Director of Computer Services $79,330
Sheila C. Trahan Allied Health Academic Department Chair $77,028
Lisa W. Schroeder Financial Aid Director Of Financial Aid $71,015
Ira L. Wilsker Management Development Instructor IV $70,088
Ruth F. Tornwall Dental Hygiene Instructor IV $69,254
Gary D. Duncan Police Technology Director of Police Academy $69,244
Linda S. Stoudemayer Business Information Instructor II $63,699
Gail B. Williams Child Care And Development Instructor IV $63,194
Joanne C. Brown Development Dir Devl/Exec Dir Foundation $63,146
Jackie J. Dupuy Workforce Training Dir Workforce Devel Corp Train $62,726
Jerry W. Campbell Advanced Engine Instructor IV $61,237
Vacochia I Dean Barnett Workforce Training Director of Corporate Training $60,899
Larrie S. Barkley Academic Affairs Director of Testing Center $60,457
James P. Doane Criminal Justice Instructor II Program Director $59,243
Linda S. Fortenberry President's Office Exec Asst to President $58,890
James A. Welch Emergency Medical Services Director Emergency Medical Svc $58,678
Michelle L. Davis General Education Academic Department Chair $58,345
Pete Matak Advanced Engine Instructor IV $57,915