Sr Plant Operator Salaries at Houston ISD

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $50,755
Lowest Salary $25,983
Median Salary $33,514
Last Updated May 4, 2012

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Name Agency Department Salary
Arthur Vallejo Houston ISD Operations Administration $50,755
Hasib A Khan Houston ISD Operations Administration $45,543
Octabiano R Lopez Houston ISD Grady Middle School $41,713
Cesar Gonzalez Houston ISD Transportation $41,653
Jerry R Johnson Houston ISD Waltrip High School $40,919
Jose L Casas Houston ISD Austin High School $40,859
Jose R Galindo Houston ISD Davis High School $40,859
David M Romano Houston ISD Lamar High School $40,828
Ricardo E Garza Houston ISD Lamar High School $40,455
Mario G Valles Houston ISD Madison High School $40,020

Employees with salaries less than $40,000 are not shown in the list, but may be searched for by name.