Houston ISD Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $300,000
Median Salary $44,987
Last Updated May 4, 2012

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Name Department Title Salary
Terry Brooks Grier Superintendent Supt of Schools $300,000
Arnold Viramontes Information Technology/PMO Chief Technology Officer $208,575
Melinda J Garrett Finance and Business Service Chief Financial Officer $207,681
Alicia Hill Thomas Deputy Chief Academic Officer Deputy Chief Academic Officer $199,000
Leobardo Bobadilla Jr Chief of Staff Business Serv Chief Operating Officer $197,500
Aggie Agnes Alvez Communications & Publications Chief Communications Officer $185,000
Elneita Hutchins-Taylor Legal Services General Counsel $175,912
Robert E Moore Office of the Inspector Genera Inspector General $171,620
Samuel D Sarabia Elementary Schools Office Chief School Officer $167,112
Jobina Ann Best Human Resources Chief Human Resources Officer $165,000
Michele M Pola Chief of Staff Chief of Staff, 12 M $165,000
Julie Fox Baker Chief Of Major Projects Chief Major Projects Officer $165,000
Shaun Dallas Dance Middle Schools Office Chief School Officer $165,000
Orlando Paul Riddick High Schools Office Chief School Officer $165,000
Kenneth R Huewitt Finance Controller $157,078
Issa Z Dadoush Facility Services Admin Gen Mgr, Facility Services $155,000
Octavio Herrera IT Security Information Security Officer $150,000
Richard Allen Patton e-Rate Compliance Office eRate Compliance Officer $150,000
Donald R Boehm Financial Management Attorne Tax, Fin&Real Est Manage Attn $145,700
Leng Buntanyaluk Fritsche Information Assess & Analytics Asst Supt, Info,Assess, Analyt $145,000
Bradford R Bailey Benefits Gen Mgr, Benefits&Risk Manage $142,900
Sharon Gail Eaves Budgeting & Financial Planning Gen Mgr, Budget and Finc Plan $140,000
Daniel W Bankhead Bond Fund Pgm Gen Mgr, Construction $138,000
Carla J Stevens Research and Accountability Asst Supt, Research $133,552
Mark L Smith Deputy Chief Academic Officer Officer, Academic Services $131,184
Oswaldo Gutierrez IT Business Solutions Spclst Database Admin $130,000
David M Vollmer Student Information Systems Sr Mgr, IT $129,612
Parminder Bir Singh Information Assess & Analytics Sr Tech Solutions Architect $128,000
Tina A Licata Business Develop & Assistance Gen Mgr, Business Assistance $127,900
Ann Sledge Talent Management Asst. Supt, Talent Management $127,880