Garland Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $232,170
Lowest Salary $2,080
Median Salary $53,643
Last Updated August 9, 2011

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Name Department Title Salary
William E Dollar City Administration City Manager $232,170
Darwin Ray Schwertner Electric Administration Electric Managing Director $215,010
Martin E Glenn City Administration Deputy City Manager $190,050
Ronald B Neighbor City Attorney City Attorney $181,355
Bryan L Bradford City Administration Assistant City Manager $173,181
Michael J Betz City Attorney Deputy City Attorney $169,998
Arthur L Martinez Electric Administration Director of Corporate Planning & Strategy $166,046
Tom J Hancock III Electric Operations Director of Power Marketing $159,141
Jeff R Janke Electric Administration Assistant Managing Director GP&L $158,662
Nur S Chowdhury Group Health Clinic Physician $158,101
Neil T Montgomery Planning Managing Director $157,435
Priscilla S Wilson Human Resources Managing Director $157,435
Mitchel L Bates Police Department Managing Director $156,478
Robert C Wunderlich Transportation Managing Director $155,625
David B Bernard Electric Administration Electric Administrator $149,448
David A Schuler Financial Services Managing Director $147,992
Gregory K Vetrano Electric Administration Director of Electric Finance & Accounting $147,805
Fred B Sherman III Electric Operations Director of Systems Operations $146,058
David J Turschmann Human Resources Severance Process Position $144,602
James W Stone Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Managing Director $142,293
Kevin R Slay Customer Service Managing Director $141,981
John E Baker Water Utilities Managing Director $141,981
Lonnie R Banks EWS - Delivery Managing Director $141,981
Richard T Briley Health Managing Director $141,981
Clifton Parker Electric Olinger Plant Electric Project Engineer $140,192
Aubrey L Harris Electric Olinger Plant Director of Power Production $139,984
Johnny A Carlock Electric Transmission T&D Director $139,776
David L Grubbs Electric Substations Director of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance $136,386
Daniel W Bailey Electric Operations Market Optimization Manager $134,118
Raymond L Knight Fire Department Fire Assistant Chief $134,034