Denton County Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $167,281
Lowest Salary $12,438
Median Salary $39,070
Last Updated July 18, 2013

Browse salaries at Denton County by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Lou McCarroll CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Dir Of Admin - District Atty $86,095
Matthew Wiebe CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Felony Prosecutor IIA $84,956
Cynthia Brown COUNTY TREASURER County Treasurer $84,949
Brian Wolfe CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Chief Investigator/Hot Chk Adm $83,806
Dustin Gossage CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Felony Prosecutor IIA $83,289
Paul Hiemke CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Felony Prosecutor IIA $83,289
Kimberly Laseter CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Felony Prosecutor IIA $83,289
Nadiya Williams-Boldware CRIMINAL DA - CPS DIVISION Family Law Attorney II $83,289
Lindsey Sheguit CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Felony Prosecutor IIA $82,883
Juan Rodriguez PUBLIC HEALTH PREP GRANT Epidemiologist $82,238
Budi Yulianto TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Application Development Mgr $79,600
Kathryn Lynass COUNTY JUDGE Dir of Admin - County Judge $79,013
Matthew Whitten CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Appellate Attorney II $78,747
Tracy Oliphant JUVENILE DETENTION Deputy Director Inst Services $78,485
William Price COUNTY TREASURER Assistant County Treasurer $78,449
Joe Arledge PURCHASING DEPARTMENT Assistant Director Purchasing $78,449
Timothy Rich COUNTY JAIL Captain $77,819
Milton Clearman COUNTY JAIL Captain $77,819
Victor Alvarez PUBLIC HEALTH-CLINICAL DIV Primary Care Clinician (PT) $77,666
Milosh Karakashevich COUNTY JAIL LIEUTENANT $77,293
Richard Guditis SHERIFF LIEUTENANT $77,293
Steven Flanagan COUNTY JAIL Captain $76,346
Tracy Murphree SHERIFF Captain $76,346
Tina Wolf TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Training Support Manager $75,467
Jo Jones WIC - ADMINISTRATION Director WIC $75,465
Natalie Riegelman COUNTY AUDITOR Chief Assistant Auditor $75,429
D'lynne Shelton COUNTY CLERK Chief Deputy $75,188
Billy Willis SHERIFF LIEUTENANT $75,000
Douglas Boydston CONSTABLE, PCT. 5 Constable $74,978
Timothy Burch CONSTABLE, PCT. 4 Constable $74,978