Cont Ed Salaries at Dallas County Community College District

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $92,837
Lowest Salary $22,824
Median Salary $43,878
Name Title Salary
Vernon Hawkins Assoc. V.P. Workforce/Cont. Education $92,837
Roy Bond Dean, External & Community Relations $72,833
Altafur Choudhury Faculty/Special Program, Range 3 $64,905
Toni Schubarth Assistant Dean, Cont. Education II $63,254
Felicia Cook Director, Off-Site Facility $63,104
Maria Prado Program Director Career & Continuing Edu $60,824
Timothy Samuels Asst. Dean, C.E. & Contract Training $58,000
Susana Ruelas Senior Program Development Specialist $55,373
James Stewart Associate Instructional Dean $55,000
Mary Sather Project Leader $53,254
Sheila Brock Mgr. Grants Management & Compliance $51,423
Cheryl McBratney Account Sales Representative $51,254
Carol Engleton Coord., Grants Management & Compliance $50,787
Jamie Jenkins Crd. C.E. & Workforce Development $50,532
Gerald Andrews Account Sales Representative $48,563
Tesha McNeely Coord., Grants Management & Compliance $48,505
Christeen Cantrell Crd. C.E. & Workforce Development $47,187
Sylvia Wise Crd. C.E. & Workforce Development $46,361
Manuel Vasquez Crd. C.E. & Workforce Development $44,780
Maryangel Boyer Program Director Career & Continuing Edu $44,624
Richard Tuman Crd. C.E. & Workforce Development $44,488
Loletha Moore Small Business Advisor $43,270
Rosana Martinez Program Services Coordinator $41,252
Dennis Maddox Administrative Assistant II $40,434
Gary Manter Instructional Specialist III $40,387

Employees with salaries less than $40,000 are not shown in the list, but may be searched for by name.