Collin County Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $268,861
Lowest Salary $10,400
Median Salary $42,134
Last Updated July 22, 2013

Browse salaries at Collin County by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
William R. Burke Construction & Projects Director of Building Projects $112,560
Stacey J. Kemp County Clerk County Clerk $110,988
Andrea Stroh Thompson District Clerk District Clerk $110,988
Monika G. Arris Budget Director of Budget $109,826
Kenneth L. Maun Tax Assessor Tax Assessor $109,745
Sheila D. Spotswood Medical Examiner Assistant Medical Examiner $109,158
Christopher T. Hill Commissioners' Court Commissioner $107,812
Cheryl D. Williams Commissioners' Court Commissioner $107,812
James Duncan Webb, IV Commissioners' Court Commissioner $107,812
Matthew Frank Shaheen Commissioners' Court Commissioner $104,165
Sharon N. Rowe Elections Elections Administrator $102,688
Robert L. Hughes Community Supervision Director Of CSCD $102,539
Pamela F. Palmisano Sheriff's Office Major $102,523
Gail F. Leyko District Attorney Chief Felony Prosecutor $102,117
Paul V. Anfosso District Attorney Chief Felony Prosecutor $101,952
Belsy J. Koruthu Health Care Services Nurse Practitioner $99,349
Timothy J. Nolan GIS/Rural Addressing IT Senior Manager $99,336
Charles A. Adams Jail Operations Assistant Chief Deputy $99,223
Cynthia A. Walker District Attorney Chief Felony Prosecutor $97,946
Jeff Thomas Springfield Telecommunications Network Security Analyst $97,143
Michael H. Langfus Employee Clinic Physician Assistant $97,000
Jeffrey B. Durham Special Projects Parks And Projects Mgr $96,694
Marty Leon Streetman Information Tech Services SQL Database Analyst $96,602
Bryan D. Yates Information Tech Services Senior System Analyst/Prog $96,119
John E. Payton Justice of the Peace #3-2 Justice Of The Peace Judge $95,752
Paul M. Raleeh Justice of the Peace #1 Justice Of The Peace Judge $95,752
Joan E. Petree Human Resources HRIS/Systems Manager $95,615
Michael Malak Telecommunications IT Senior Manager $95,542
Alyson Marie Dietrich Pawlik District Attorney Chief Felony Prosecutor $95,269
Teresa Cook Moore Budget Assistant Director I $94,956