Collin County Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $268,861
Lowest Salary $10,400
Median Salary $42,134
Last Updated July 22, 2013

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Name Department Title Salary
William B. Rohr Medical Examiner Medical Examiner $268,861
William L. Bilyeu Administrative Services Director Of Administrative Srv $216,657
Muriel A. Marshall Health Care Services Physician $205,592
Ruben Ernesto Delgado Engineering Director of Engineering $160,768
Caren R. Skipworth Information Tech Services Chief Information Officer $155,310
Cynthia A. Jacobson Human Resources Director of Human Resources $154,826
Weldon S. Copeland Probate Court Probate Judge $139,693
Jon L. Kleinheksel Public Services Director of Public Works $139,397
Terry G. Box Sheriff's Office Sheriff $138,792
Lance S. Baxter County Court at Law III CCL Judge $138,693
David Douglas Rippel County Court at Law IV CCL Judge $138,693
Corinne A. Mason County Court at Law I CCL Judge $138,693
Danny Keith Wilson County Court at Law V CCL Judge $138,693
Barnett Oliver Walker County Court at Law II CCL Judge $138,693
Jay A. Bender County Court at Law VI CCL Judge $138,693
John L. Schomburger District Attorney 1st Asst District Attny $137,004
Keith Alan Self County Judge County Judge $131,991
Kelley E. Stone Homeland Security Director Of Homeland Security $131,406
Jeffry R. May County Auditor County Auditor $130,736
Jane Elizabeth Roden District Attorney 2nd Asst District Attorney $129,705
John R. Rolater, Jr. District Attorney Chief Appellate Attorney $127,890
Lisa H. Meyer Human Resources Asst Director Of HR $127,344
Stephen Thomas Ganey Information Tech Services Asst Director Of IT $125,000
Bill Dobiyanski District Attorney Chief Felony Prosecutor $123,078
Rickey W. Allen Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Sheriff $119,574
Dan C. James Facilities Director Of Facilities $115,992
Gregory O. Elliott Information Tech Services Master Architect $115,332
Pamela A. Huffman Juvenile Probation Director Of Juvenile SerVIces $115,000
Candy L. Blair Health Care Services Health Care Administrative Mgr $114,172
Joe A. Fierro, Jr. Information Tech Services System Programming Supervisor $113,933