Collin College Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $300,000
Lowest Salary $20,873
Median Salary $44,883
Last Updated August 4, 2011

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Name Department Title Salary
Cary Israel President Office President $300,000
Ralph Hall VP of Administrative Services & CFO VP Admin Services and CFO $169,124
Colleen Smith Senior Vice President Dist Sr VP of AA and Stu Dev $164,306
Toni Jenkins Office - Provost VP/Provost $141,496
Mary McRae Office - Provost VP/Provost CPC $141,496
Kimberly Davison Human Resources Office Vp Org Effectiveness/Hr $124,965
Barbara Money VP Student Development VP Student Development $113,546
Gary Hodge Dean - Social & Behavioral Sciences Dean Academic Affairs $109,229
Brenda Kihl Office - Provost VP Academic & Inst Effective $107,907
Stephen Hardy CE Vocational Administration Assoc Vp Cont Ed/Wd $107,635
Rex Parcells PE / Athletic Dir Dir Athletics/Chair PHED $104,582
Leo Neal Dean - Math and Natural Sciences Dean Academic Affairs $101,627
Stephanie Meinhardt Academic Advising Dean Acad Adv/Student Succss $100,222
Sherry Schumann Office - Provost VP/Provost $99,155
William Blitt Dean - Business & Computer Science Dean Academic Affairs $97,720
Thomas Martin Institutional Research Assoc Vp Res/Ins Eff $95,147
Matthew Ammons Academic Computing Exec Dir Acad Tech/Nwk Svc $94,791
Brenda Carter CPC - Dean Academic Affairs Dean Academic Affairs $94,405
Gaye Cooksey Dean - Fine Arts Dean Academic Affairs $93,125
S Farr Admin Programming Dir Administrative Progrmng $92,036
Terrence Brennan Dean of Students Dean of Students $89,649
Gerald Perkus English Full Time Professor 12 Month $88,248
Lawrence Miller Political Science Full Time Professor 12 Month $88,248
Barbara Haroutunian Human Resources Office Dir Hr Information/Services $87,368
Marianne Layer SCC - Dean Academic Affairs Dean Academic Affairs $87,038
Donald Weasenforth Dean - Developmental Education Dean Academic Affairs $87,038
Norma Smith Human Resources Office Dir HR & Org Dev $85,828
Michael Broyles Physics Full Time Professor 12 Month $85,327
U Jones Political Science Full Time Professor 12 Month $84,373
Abbey Johnson Dean - Health Sciences & Emerg Svc Dean Academic Affairs $83,907