Blinn College Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $181,000
Lowest Salary $19,185
Median Salary $45,184
Last Updated April 20, 2012

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Name Department Title Salary
Harold E Nolte PRESIDENT President $181,000
Edward E. Raspiller PRESIDENT BRAZOS CO CAMPUSES President Brazos Co Campuses $160,000
Debra R. Lacour ACADEMIC AFFAIRS VicePresident Academic Affairs $108,651
Robert W. Brick VP APPLIED SCIENCE WORKFC EDUC VP Applied Science/Wkce Educ $100,940
Van David Miller ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES VP Administrative Services $100,940
Dennis Keith Crowson STUDENT SERVICES VP Student Services $95,000
Richard J O'Malley ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Exe Dir, Facilities/Plan/Const $93,627
Mark Edward Workman DISTANCE EDUCATION Dean of Distance Education $89,100
Christine M. Wied ADMINISTRATIVE COMPUTING SERV Director Admin Computing Serv $86,089
Kathleen Anzivino STUDENT SERVICES Dean Student Services $85,000
Cathy Marie Boeker EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Exec Admn of External Affairs $82,400
Linda Carole Flynn LIBRARY Director of Library Services $81,568
John O. Beaver ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Dean of Academic Affairs $80,832
Michael K. Welch ACADEMIC TECHNOLOGY Dean Academic Tech Services $80,266
Thomas Joseph Brazzel ACCOUNTING Director, Accounting $80,000
Rosemary Reynolds-Sundet EFFECTIVENESS & PLANNING Dean-Institutional Effect/Accr $80,000
Ann Epps Weir HOUSING Associate Dean Student Service $79,415
Larry Ray Campbell FINE ARTS, MUSIC & DRAMA Division Chair/Professor $79,230
Joe Al Picone RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Executive Director, Foundation $78,756
Thena E. Parrott ALLIED HEALTH Division Chair/Professor $76,594
Ted J. Hajovsky ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Exe Dir Operations Brazos Co $74,160
Kenneth A. French NATURAL SCIENCE Division Chair/Professor $72,631
Kenneth Bruce Mccullough SOCIAL SCIENCE Professor $72,631
Milton Laverne Radke WORKFORCE Grants Administrator $72,168
Richard J Speas ATHLETICS Athletic Director $72,000
Ronald Jean Feldman FOOTBALL Football Coach/Instructor $71,957
Richard J. Hoffmann ADMINISTRATIVE COMPUTING SERV Sr Manager, System Operations $71,916
Melvin Houston Mcgaugh Jr MUSEUM Dir. Star of the Rep Museum $71,910
Melanie Terry Landis VETERINARY TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM Veterinary Tech Program Dir $71,560
Julie Eckert Maass ADMISSIONS & RECORDS Registrar $71,261