Beaumont ISD Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $347,834
Lowest Salary $95
Median Salary $42,730
Last Updated April 25, 2012

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Name Department Title Salary
Carrol A Thomas Superintendents Office Superintendent $347,834
Shirley H Bonton Deputy Superintendent Deputy Superintendent $118,500
Philip E Brooks Administration and Operations Assistant Superintendent Administration $108,684
Timothy B Chargois Asst Superintendent Resch/Eval Assistant Superintendent Research/Evaluation $108,684
Sybil L Comeaux Personnel Executive Director Personnel $105,500
Robert S Zingelmann Business and Finance Chief Business Officer $105,500
James G Broussard Ozen High School PRINCIPAL $101,947
Patricia A Lambert Central Senior High School PRINCIPAL $101,947
Jessie Haynes Superintendents Office Special Assistant Superintendent $101,600
Susan M Barefield Special Education Executive Director Special Education $99,468
William G Daniels West Brook High School PRINCIPAL $98,890
Rachel J Jones Staff Development Director Staff Development $96,600
Cathy Faye Chavis Bilingual ESL Title VI Director Title I Title VI $93,121
Matilda C Hickman Odom Middle School Academy PRINCIPAL $93,098
Thomas L Amons Career Center PRINCIPAL $92,758
Rodney Saveat Athletics Director Athletics Physical Education $92,659
Mitchell Normand Central Senior High School Teacher Rotc $90,953
Hoyt A Simmons Guess Elementary School PRINCIPAL $90,459
Aaron D Covington Austin Middle School PRINCIPAL $88,944
Odis C Norris South Park Middle School PRINCIPAL $88,944
Elvena H Colbert Brown Alternative Center PRINCIPAL $88,944
James B Melanson Caldwood Elementary School PRINCIPAL $87,122
Kenneth Akins West Brook High School Teacher Rotc $85,820
Michael Shelton King Middle School PRINCIPAL $83,557
Randall B Maxwell Vincent Middle School PRINCIPAL $83,557
Ted H Stuberfield Charlton-Pollard Elementary Assistant Principal Elementary School $83,557
Connie Richard Athletics DIRECTOR HEALTH SERVICES $82,865
Patrick W Calhoun Career Technology Director Career Technology $82,865
Gregory J Schumacher Information Technology Director Information Technology $82,865
Kimber L Knight Performance Mgmt - Inst Tech Director Performance Management/Ins Tech $81,665