Angelo State University Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $242,046
Lowest Salary $12,920
Median Salary $44,880
Last Updated May 15, 2012

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Name Department Title Salary
Joseph Rallo President's Office President $242,046
Brian May Academic Affairs Provost & VPAA/Dean Grad/Prof $172,000
Michael Reid Finance and Administration Vice President $172,000
Leslie Mayrand College of Health and Human Services Professor/Dean $146,034
Corbett Gaulden College of Business Dean/Professor $142,865
John Miazga Teacher Education Dean/Professor $127,591
Nancy Allen Academic Affairs Prof/Vice Provost $126,674
Douglas Fox Information Technology Assoc VP Info Technology & CIO $126,674
Scott Storm Nursing Clinical Psychologist $125,000
Detelin Elenkov Management and Marketing Professor/International Chair $125,000
Angelina Wright Finance and Administration Associate VP Finance & Admin $120,000
Jason Penry Development Office Vice Pres for Dev & Alumni Rel $120,000
Robert Ehlers Center for Security Studies Dir, Center for Security Stud $120,000
William Wagner Athletics Head Football Coach $120,000
Paul Swets College of Arts and Sciences Interim Dean, Academic $115,448
Gilbert Engdahl Agriculture Dept Head/Prof/Dir MIR Ctr $114,547
Andrew Wallace Center for Academic Excellence Dean of Academic Excellence $112,218
Charles Pier Accounting, Economics, & Finance Assistant Professor $110,000
Susan Wilkinson Nursing DH-NHS/Assoc Prof/Dir Nur Prog $106,221
Mary Brasfield Athletics Athletic Director $105,767
Maurice Fortin Library Exec Dir of Library Services $105,144
Gary Baker Accounting, Economics, & Finance Assistant Professor $105,000
Anthony Blose Physics Professor $105,000
Jeffrey Sefcik Information Technology Dir of Prcs Intgr & Sr Tech Ar $102,267
Shelly Weise Physical Therapy Assoc Prof/Dir of PT Program $101,673
Brian Braden Information Technology Exec Dir of Info Tech $101,396
Biqing Huang Accounting, Economics, & Finance Assistant Professor $100,000
Sarah Logan Inst Research and Effectiveness Asst VP of Inst Rsch & Effect $100,000
Katherine Blount HSI Stem Research Scientist $100,000
Margaret Pepper Finance and Administration Asst VP for Fin & Admin $100,000