The Data

Interactive Map: Hispanic Growth in House, Senate Districts

The U.S. Census Bureau collected 2010 population trend data for Texas political districts, separating out totals by race to enable the redrawing of district boundaries during the 2011 session of the state Legislature. This interactive map displays those totals in shades, with darker colors representing higher rates of total population growth overall and by residents of Hispanic origin.

Interactive: Texas Superintendent Salaries

Facing an unprecedented budget shortfall, some state lawmakers are questioning whether public schools spend too much on administration — specifically, on pay for superintendents. Use this table to sort those records by salary, district enrollment and pay per student, and see how each superintendent ranks.

Gubernatorial candidates Rick Perry and Bill White spent more than any other candidates on the ballot in 2010.
Gubernatorial candidates Rick Perry and Bill White spent more than any other candidates on the ballot in 2010.

Interactive: Texas Political Spending: July 1-Dec. 31, 2010

The Texas Ethics Commission now requires political candidates to document their political spending in specific categories — advertising, consulting, polling, etc. — allowing the public to better understand campaign-finance filings. This interactive bubble chart visualizes those spending categories by candidate, political party and election type in the second half of 2010.

Interactive: Campaign Totals

How much did state-level candidates raise, spend and owe in the closing days of 2010 — and how much do they still have for future campaigns? Our interactive table lets you sort the totals by dollar amounts, election type, political party and candidate status.

Search: Texas Legislature Bills

With the 82nd Legislative Session in only its second week, Texas lawmakers have already filed more than 900 bills, potential laws addressing hundreds of subjects ranging from abortion and immigration to health care and wrongful imprisonment. This application aims to help Texans make sense of the legislative process, tracking proposed pieces of legislation as they move through the Texas House and Senate.