The Data

Interactive: Texas House Redistricting Proposal

The House Redistricting Committee and its chairman, state Rep. Burt Solomons, R-Carrollton, have revised the current Texas House map. Use this interactive table to see which districts changed the most politically under the proposal, which is set for debate today.

Interactive: Texas Superintendent Contracts Annotated

We’ve collected and annotated the contracts of the 10 highest-paid school chiefs, as well as of those who lead the state’s 10 largest districts, for a total of 14, so readers can view their pay in the context of retirement perks, performance incentives and benefits like monthly automobile and cellphone allowances.

Interactive: U.S. Speed Limits by State

The Texas House today passed a bill allowing TxDOT to increase the speed limit on certain highways to 85 miles per hour. These interactive maps visualize the vehicle speed limits set by states on rural interstates, with darker shades representing higher speeds.