Interactive: 2010 General Election: Cost Per Vote

This chart contains per-voter spending totals for major-party candidates with contested races in the 2010 general election. Sort the data by selecting field headers, or or filter the results by political party, office or election outcome. The data cover campaign expenditures and in-kind contributions from July 1, 2009 to Oct. 23, 2010 — the most-recent date available. To learn more, check out the campaign-finance topic page. Let us know if you have feedback, suggestions or corrections — and follow @TribData on Twitter for updates.

FILTER: All | Statewide | Judicial | State Board of Education | Texas House | Texas Senate | Democrats | Republicans | Winners | Losers

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Source: Texas Ethics Commission | Download the .csv, Terms | Feedback

Data are presented as filed by candidates or their political committees, but please let us know if you spot errors or omissions.