Public Community College

51,413 students

Houston Community College, a public community college located in Houston, has 51,413 students enrolled.

Houston Community College is represented by Congressional District 2, Garnet Coleman in Texas House District 147, and John Whitmire in Texas Senate District 15

P.O. Box 667517
Houston, Texas 77266-7517
(713) 718-2000


Number of students who applied, were admitted and enrolled
No data available.

Test Scores

Average SAT scores by section for enrolling students (writing section not introduced until 2006 and still not reported by some institutions)
No data available.


Number of students enrolled
Total 32,79133,47833,56933,20031,92632,79532,13433,50934,71434,92833,63135,98235,59537,19236,78638,52942,10449,71751,413


Percent of student body by ethnicity
(Reporting criteria changed over reporting period. Specifically, prior to 2011, Pacific Islander was bundled with Asian; Multiracial was introduced in 2010; and Unknown was introduced in 2010.)
No data available.

Price Trends

Average total cost for in-state and out-of-state students by year
No data available.

Graduation Rates

Percent of first-time, full-time students who graduated in four, five or six years
Graduation Rates (Bachelor's Degree)
Year 4-Year 5-Year 6-Year
FY 2000 1.50% None% 10.30%
FY 2004 2.50% None% 11.60%
FY 2005 2.10% None% 11.40%
FY 2006 1.90% None% 12.50%
FY 2007 2.00% None% 13.70%
FY 2008 1.80% None% 12.90%
FY 2009 2.00% None% 12.60%
FY 2010 2.30% None% 12.30%
4-Year 1.50%2.50%2.10%1.90%2.00%1.80%2.00%2.30%
6-Year 10.30%11.60%11.40%12.50%13.70%12.90%12.60%12.30%
Percent of first-time, full-time students who graduated in four, five or six years