Zach Grady

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Full Name: Zach Grady
Hometown: Alvin

Election Info

U.S. House District 14, 2012-11-06
Lost with 1.46% of vote
U.S. House District 14, 2012-05-29
Won with 0.00% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Libertarian Party

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Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @zacharygrady
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  • What about that caller talkin about the Afghani people? shit choked me & my wife up big time! @ProducerKen @MichaelBerrySho

    6 days ago

  • @ProducerKen yes sir we have a bunch of military industrial complex whores runnin thangs. #ronpaul warned us lol

    6 days ago

  • Just because the system says I shud have to wear socks, doesn't mean I think I have to. Does that make me a vegan or something @ProducerKen?

    6 days ago

  • RT @PrisonPlanet: Liberals STILL don't get it. It's not about grazing fees. It's not about tortoises, it's about government-corporate land …

    8 days ago

  • @ProducerKen if you can get @SlightlyStoopid to book a show for a reggae/punk night at the RCC, I'd buy two tickets. #YouDaMan

    19 days ago

  • @RonPaul Agreed, Dr. Paul, you should give your successor @TXRandy14 a lesson on Constitutional governance. #neocon #foreignpolicy

    23 days ago

  • @TXRandy14 A big shot statesman like yourself should know that the western installed gov in Ukraine are ACTUAL NAZIS! I mean whoa, good one.

    23 days ago

  • @TXRandy14 randy, you ought to vote yes on a bill to help poor people in Brazoria Co instead of wastin our $ in Ukraine. I miss Ron Paul.

    23 days ago

  • @MichaelBerrySho I'm with ya on she-jack voters bein stupid, but what's that make the average GOP voter who elects Cornyn, McCain, etc?

    a month ago

  • @ProducerKen oldie but a goodie.

    a month ago