Shane Hardin

Personal Profile

Full Name: Shane Hardin
Age: 39
Hometown: Keller, Texas
Occupation: Construction Manager
Education: B.A. - The University of Texas at Austin
Spouse: Jennifer
Religion: Disciples of Christ
Church: University Christian Church

Election Info

Texas House District 93, 2012-11-06
Lost with 37.51% of vote
Texas House District 93, 2012-05-29
Won with 100.00% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Democratic Party

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @ShaneAlanHardin
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  • I absolutely despise everything about Southlake. Especially their rich, white, entitled citizens. Damn Rude. Don't these folks have JOBS?

    3 hours ago

  • RT @waller_matthew: National Guard troops in Rio Grande Valley using food bank because they haven't been paid - San Antonio Express-News ht…

    4 hours ago

  • .@MQSullivan I'm coming back to Austin. The invitation is open to discuss the nasty article you wrote about me. Like Greg Abbott? #Coward

    4 hours ago

  • Trending...GOP governors being indicted and held accountable for their seediness. #RickPerry is next on that list -->

    5 hours ago

  • @TexSR_Tanner1 @TexasTribune Makes you wonder, why back out now? Does Perry Indictment scare him? School Finance court loss scare him?

    5 hours ago

  • @TexSR_Tanner1 @TexasTribune No viable one. I have a HUGE problem with a candidate who backs out of a scheduled TV debate #WhatsAbbottHiding

    5 hours ago

  • Are you kidding me? What a coward. #Bullshit --> Abbott Backs Out of Only Statewide TV Debate via @TexasTribune

    5 hours ago

  • Whatever. Cyrus is a fraud. She picked a homeless dude that cleans up to look like that? --> via @thinkprogress

    6 hours ago

  • This makes me so damn embarrassed of my state. Idiot governor under indictment #OnlyInTexas --> (VIDEO) @TPM

    6 hours ago

  • RT @DreamHouseX: Beautiful stone mansion

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