Shane Hardin

Personal Profile

Full Name: Shane Hardin
Age: 39
Hometown: Keller, Texas
Occupation: Construction Manager
Education: B.A. - The University of Texas at Austin
Spouse: Jennifer
Religion: Disciples of Christ
Church: University Christian Church

Election Info

Texas House District 93, 2012-11-06
Lost with 37.51% of vote
Texas House District 93, 2012-05-29
Won with 100.00% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Democratic Party

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @ShaneAlanHardin
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  • Some people need to read up on the definition of these terms. Lying about someone is slander. Plain and simple.

    3 hours ago

  • @ArminMizaniTX That was YOUR poll worker than stormed over and started trouble. That's why .@EmpowerTexans people are NEVER to be trusted

    4 hours ago

  • Would that have been called if it wasn't so blatantly obvious? #Hookem

    8 hours ago

  • No offense. Can't do much of anything when you can't score. #Hookem

    9 hours ago

  • Nice interference NON-CALL. #whatever #Homecooking #Hookem

    9 hours ago

  • This is a typical terrible Texas start in Manhattan, Kansas. I hate that town #Hookem

    10 hours ago

  • I will be live tweeting from my couch while watching the UT game. Predicting the UT upset. 34 - 31 #Hookem

    10 hours ago

  • Of course he is. Because that's what leaders do. Thanks again @JudgeClayJ -->

    10 hours ago

  • That's alright buddy. We've all been there. #NotJudging

    a day ago

  • @cd_hooks Many states are progressing towards gay marriage. Texas won't even allow straight interracial marriage. SMH

    a day ago