Pamela Lee "Pam" Barlow

Personal Profile

Full Name: Pamela Lee Barlow
Nickname: "Pam"
Age: 60
Education: DVM Texas A&M
Religion: Christian
Church: Crafton Baptist Church

Election Info

U.S. House District 13, 2014-03-04
Lost with 13.34% of vote
U.S. House District 13, 2012-05-29
Lost with 22.40% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Republican Party

Contact Info

Twitter: @DrPamBarlow
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Twitter Feed

  • Totally wrong for US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro to hoist his gay pride flag over embassy building in Tel Aviv -

    6 months ago

  • Join us in Amarillo, Town Hall Meeting, 5 July, 10AM-6PM, American Legion Hall, "open mic" for Veterans - Spread the word!! #VeteransSpeakUp

    7 months ago

  • Until & unless we who call ourselves Tea Party put our money where our mouth is we will be irrelevant & unsuccessful.

    9 months ago

  • We have a real opportunity to change Washington this time around, and I THANK YOU for your VOTE!! This opportunity ends 7PM TODAY March 4th.

    a year ago

  • RT @Reduce_Spending: #TXPrimary is tomorrow. @DrPamBarlow is one of the candidates pledging to #RejectTheDebt - good luck on Tuesday!

    a year ago

  • I was just notified today that I have received the endorsement from National Vote Out Incumbents:- THANK YOU!!!

    a year ago

  • In the paraphrased words of Jeff Foxworthy: You might be a REAL CONSERVATIVE if => "Salon" lists you as "DANGEROUS"

    a year ago

  • Obama uses executive orders to bypass Congress. I stand with ACLJ to challenge the Obama Administration in court to defend the Constitution.

    a year ago

  • Tea Party = what the Republican Party used to be => true conservatives who honor & respect our Constitution & Principles that made USA great

    a year ago

  • I'm amazed sometimes at the look on some people's faces when I say an unequivocal "YES" to their question "You're not Tea Party, are you???"

    a year ago