Mitt Romney

Personal Profile

Full Name: Mitt Romney
Age: 67
Race: White
Education: B.A. Brigham Young University, M.B.A., J.D. Harvard University
Spouse: Ann
Religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints

Election Info

President, 2012-11-06
Won with 57.19% of vote
President, 2012-05-29
Won with 68.98% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Republican Party

Contact Info

Twitter: @mittromney
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Twitter Feed

  • More "we give, they get" diplomacy from Obama; this time the Castros win, and the champions of freedom and democracy lose. #Cuba

    3 days ago

  • .@SonyPictures don’t cave, fight: release @TheInterview free online globally. Ask viewers for voluntary $5 contribution to fight #Ebola.

    4 days ago

  • Congratulations @BillCassidy and the new team in DC. Great expectations.

    15 days ago

  • .@BreitbartNews headline wrong: GOP permanent legislation should not look anything like Obama's amnesty.

    24 days ago

  • RT @AnnDRomney: Giving thanks today for our friends and family, who have enriched our lives with love.

    24 days ago

  • Never forget that we're His disciples. We may not hobnob with the famous, but in prayer we can speak w God every day.

    a month ago

  • Our veterans have done more than protect America; their courage and service defines America. #VeteransDay

    a month ago

  • Big tent Republicans win big races. Congratulations.

    a month ago

  • RT @SenScottBrown: Honored to have @mittromney back in NH today, here’s a flashback to his visit to Scamman Farm in July:…

    2 months ago

  • Dear Ann: You’ve come a long way… #AnnRomneyCenter

    2 months ago