Matt Beebe

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Full Name: Matt Beebe
Age: 40
Occupation: entrepreneur, technology and cyber-security
Spouse: Nicole

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Election Info

Texas House District 121, 2014-03-04
Lost with 38.77% of vote
Texas House District 121, 2012-05-29
Lost with 37.08% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Republican Party

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Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @votebeebe
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  • When Sue Ellen dropped "Miss Ellie would be ashamed" on Bobby, I was all like...

    18 minutes ago

  • BREAKING: HEB has the Halloween candy out already... #SoMuchWrong

    a day ago

  • Rainbow over San Antonio.

    3 days ago

  • #Freshmen: not sure if #22 or #46 is more tragic cc:@JusticeWillett

    3 days ago

  • "The New @GovernorPerry", in which @rossramsey drops the money quote: "populist, middle-finger politics" #LongRead

    3 days ago

  • Ya'll realize a Repub Congress is in O's best (self) interest? Allows legacy to start w/ "if not for those last two yrs of R obstruction..."

    6 days ago

  • Yet another reason to always carry #bacon with you:

    7 days ago

  • Torchy's Tacos in San Antonio? Yes please! Welcome to the 'hood! #ComingSoon

    8 days ago

  • @LaneStudioSvcs I disagree with Obama on just about everything; but I had genuine hope he'd help improve America's ethnic turmoil #nope

    14 days ago

  • @LaneStudioSvcs no, I do care. Deeply. But shamefully, many do not. Having the 1st AA prez turn a blind eye isn't how we make progress. :(

    14 days ago