Matt Beebe

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Full Name: Matt Beebe
Age: 40
Occupation: entrepreneur, technology and cyber-security
Spouse: Nicole

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Election Info

Texas House District 121, 2014-03-04
Lost with 38.77% of vote
Texas House District 121, 2012-05-29
Lost with 37.08% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Republican Party

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Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @votebeebe
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  • #Ivoted took all of five minutes in and out... Have you voted yet? What's your excuse?

    2 days ago

  • .@TXPoliticsBlog "killed him — with his bare hands, just to watch him die. It wasn’t pretty... But it’s OK, nobody really liked the guy.”

    3 days ago

  • Grave concerns about @nico4da's ability to protect San Antonio from the #ZombieApocalypse 1M distance, no shotgun?

    4 days ago

  • 42 RT @KLNorvell: Twitter. Fixing 30% of the World's problems 70% of the time. Solve for X. #CommonCore

    4 days ago

  • Literally rolling over her. RT @rumpfshaker: Poll: After Wheelchair Ad Backlash, Davis Down 8 More Points #txlege

    4 days ago

  • RT @ChrisLoesch: Your glee over exploiting shooting victims is disgusting. What a morbid tragedy pimp you are. @piersmorgan @NRA

    6 days ago

  • RT @missemhorne: Rough obit of the @WendyDavisTexas campaign by @BudKennedy before the end of the first week of early voting:…

    6 days ago

  • RT @WayneFaircloth: I am honored to be endorsed by Chambers Co. Sheriff, Brian Hawthorne. I look forward to serving Chambers Co! #txlege ht…

    6 days ago

  • RT @AlexandraCSmith: Fresh Out of Real Support In Texas, Wendy Davis Tweeps Steal Pic of College Republicans

    8 days ago

  • "My friends and I just voted for @wendydavistexas" #TXLege #FauxtoGate @AlexandraCSmith cc:@exjon

    8 days ago