Matt Beebe

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Full Name: Matt Beebe
Age: 40
Occupation: entrepreneur, technology and cyber-security
Spouse: Nicole

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Election Info

Texas House District 121, 2014-03-04
Lost with 38.77% of vote
Texas House District 121, 2012-05-29
Lost with 37.08% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Republican Party

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Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @votebeebe
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  • Easter Brunch is a Big Deal at our house. #bacon #omelets #AppleCinnamonChallahFrenchToast #BlueberryPancakes #bacon

    4 days ago

  • Important analysis from #SACEUR Gen Breedlove #Ukraine RT @JohnCornyn: Who Are the Men Behind the Masks?

    6 days ago

  • Reminder: increased media scrutiny of @wendydavistexas isn't because they're suddenly fair & balanced; her issues are THAT egregious #TXLege

    6 days ago

  • #awkward RT @SarahFloerke: BREAKING: Sen. @WendyDavisTexas’ legal work is under FBI investigation #tx2014 #txlege

    6 days ago

  • Found: links to articles critical of the "rap" lyrics authored by white Hollywood Democrats @KoltenParker #TXLege

    7 days ago

  • @KoltenParker ok. For clarity & posterity, the parenthetical note was MY assessment. #TwitterProblems

    7 days ago

  • @KoltenParker what words are "Greg Abbott's words"?

    7 days ago

  • .@KoltenParker The (stupid, reprehensible, inexcusable, misogynistic) parody song co-written by Will Ferrell & Wreck-It-Ralph guy?

    7 days ago

  • W/ majority of "non partisan" Council leaning hard left, @JulianCastro claims mantle of "bipartisanship"? #CaraACara

    7 days ago

  • @Rosarian4 lots of examples!

    7 days ago