Jim Riley

Personal Profile

Full Name: Jim Riley
Age: 56
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Race: White
Occupation: Small businessman and portfolio representative
Education: B.A., Saint Leo University
Spouse: Cristina 'Islas Cano' Riley
Religion: Roman Catholic
Church: Holy Angels Church and St. Mary's Church

Election Info

U.S. House District 11, 2012-11-06
Lost with 18.57% of vote
U.S. House District 11, 2012-05-29
Won with 100.00% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Democratic Party

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Website: JimRileyForCongress.com
Twitter: @jimrileysr
Facebook: Fan Page
Campaign Office
Address: P.O. Box 61421
San Angelo , TX 76906
Phone: 325-947-7434
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