James "Jim" Cargas

Personal Profile

Full Name: James Cargas
Nickname: "Jim"
Race: White
Occupation: Lawyer
Education: B.A. English & Communication, University of Michigan; J.D. American University
Spouse: Dorina Papageorgiou
Religion: Christian
Church: Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Election Info

U.S. House District 7, 2014-03-04
Won with 62.17% of vote
U.S. House District 7, 2012-11-06
Lost with 36.40% of vote
U.S. House District 7, 2012-07-31
Won with 57.82% of vote
U.S. House District 7, 2012-05-29
Went to runoff with 33.75% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Democratic Party

Contact Info

Website: jamescargas.com
Twitter: @Cargas7
Facebook: Fan Page
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Twitter Feed

  • We need a Congress that enacts legislation, and not holds partisan hearings for political posturing #MadnessEndsNov http://t.co/uFf8sklouR

    3 hours ago

  • TX Tea Party big reason House Dems can't get bills voted on. US wants & needs a New Congress #MadnessEndsNov

    a day ago

  • @dreamcatcher5 -Have friends in NO (as well as other cities), both personal & professional, who also want to see change in Congress

    a day ago

  • Successful Cargas for Congress fundraiser in New Orleans today. Join us on July 27 in Houston for our next one.

    a day ago

  • Photo op @CongCulberson met with TX Med Assoc today. Fails to mention past votes to cut medical & scientific research http://t.co/7FthyYa5b1

    a day ago

  • @k8sietoo - We will give #POTUS a representative In #TX7 that he can work with. #MadnessEndsNov

    2 days ago

  • @pfikac - Thanks for the follow back. Know this: We're going to make the race in #TX7 more interesting than a lot of people think

    2 days ago

  • Democrats, Republicans have a stark contrast in priorities http://t.co/Uz8h65zRkm Agree with @RepSteveIsrael economy priority over politics

    2 days ago

  • What Americans Say Should Be Done to Fix Congress, in Their Own Words http://t.co/Z6HUD7BeVo Fiscal & service accountability 2 gov & voters

    2 days ago

  • The Big Lobotomy http://t.co/4QpkSxE6De @washmonthly Long but worthwhile read why Congress is badly rated (GOP to blame) #MadnessEndsNov

    3 days ago