James "Jim" Cargas

Personal Profile

Full Name: James Cargas
Nickname: "Jim"
Race: White
Occupation: Lawyer
Education: B.A. English & Communication, University of Michigan; J.D. American University
Spouse: Dorina Papageorgiou
Religion: Christian
Church: Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral


U.S. House District 7

Election Info

U.S. House District 7, 2014-03-04
Won with 62.17% of vote
U.S. House District 7, 2012-11-06
Lost with 36.40% of vote
U.S. House District 7, 2012-07-31
Won with 57.82% of vote
U.S. House District 7, 2012-05-29
Went to runoff with 33.75% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Democratic Party

Contact Info

Website: jamescargas.com
Twitter: @Cargas7
Facebook: Fan Page
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Twitter Feed

  • Immigration Crisis In US? New Study Says US Does Not Have Undocumented Immigrant Problem http://t.co/mG7FJ0cyl6 We have xenophobe crisis

    7 hours ago

  • @RBReich Benefit of being underfunded challenger in so-called safe GOP district (#TX7) is you only focus on promoting district needs

    7 hours ago

  • Hey, @CongCulberson, what happened to law suit against @BarackObama? CRS concludes no legal basis exists.... http://t.co/u6e2C0ARmo

    14 hours ago

  • Being An Incumbent Isn't As Fun As It Used To Be http://t.co/1w4AhEswVO Only an advantage if you've done a good job #TX7 deserves better

    2 days ago

  • Engagement with Kinkaid HS students re the future & not the past . TX & US will benefit from their activism, http://t.co/ZLaCowkyC1

    2 days ago

  • Kinkaid High School Liberals are getting the vote out in CD7! The Kinkaid School @harrisdemocrats

    2 days ago

  • Chron's Falkenberg reminds us of how important down-ballot judges are in urging votes for Natalia Cokinos Oakes... http://t.co/mcApbugm3W

    3 days ago

  • RT @BlueDogTweep: @kd4epg JFK would be a... what now? http://t.co/Zf4BK1bt1v

    4 days ago

  • With only no votes vs policies/ideas, @houseGOP & @congculberson are making mid-terms about POTUSt vs America's future. #TX7 deserves better

    4 days ago

  • Women & families depend on #EqualPay. It’s time to close the #WageGap, @CongCulberson. http://t.co/gOtBQhxE3a bc #WEmatter. @NWLC @NPWF

    4 days ago