Jamaal Smith

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Full Name: Jamaal Smith

Election Info

Texas House District 137, 2012-07-31
Lost with 38.38% of vote
Texas House District 137, 2012-05-29
Went to runoff with 23.99% of vote

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Party: Democratic Party

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Website: VoteJamaal.com
Twitter: @VoteJamaal
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  • Texans should go after Charles Woodson

    a year ago

  • It's happening again RT @Jeep: You'll never catch @50cent ridin in a Dirty Ass @Jeep !!!! #ForDaLuLz #FreeJeep

    2 years ago

  • Sanjay killed it at the Tejano Roast N Toast

    2 years ago

  • Loved it and got some great ideas for the next run!

    2 years ago

  • Going to see "The Campaign" which represents sole interest in politics my wife will allow me to have these days, LOL

    2 years ago

  • Thank You... http://t.co/qdTsJhKf

    2 years ago

  • Thank You... http://t.co/AOEfGAuk

    2 years ago

  • @mngosar Thanks Mili!

    2 years ago

  • RT @MikeEngelhart: @VoteJamaal @GeneforTexas @gregwythe @big_bad_beth Congrats to you on a great race, Jamaal! You're just getting star ...

    2 years ago

  • @max_moll Appreciate you Max..

    2 years ago