Ethics Explorer A Guide to the Financial Interests of Elected Officials

Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt District 17 (R-Lexington)

Lawyer, Ranching/Agriculture
B.S., Texas A&M University; J.D., Baylor University
Not yet assigned
Financial Statements

Sources of Income

  • Kleinschmidt is a vice president and lawyer at Schneider, Krugler, Kleinschmidt and Weiser in Giddings. He serves as city attorney for Giddings, Round Top and Lexington.

  • He is also a rancher in Lee County.

  • His wife, Anna Kleinschmidt, is a pharmacy district manager at Brookshire Brothers Ltd. in Lufkin.

  • They own stock in his law firm, Ballard Power Systems and United Airlines.

  • In 2009, they reported income from Anardarko Petroleum and SK&K Partnership, which owns the building of his law firm.

  • He has interest in Kbro Co., a family ranching partnership that will soon cease to exist because his brother sold him his share.

  • In 2010, he reported income from Enervest Operating, LLC, a local oil production company that pays him some royalties. A 2011 statement added sources of income including KA Compass LLC, an oil company that leases his ranch; Brammer Engineering, a contractor; and Enervest Operating.

  • He also lists Sustainable Water Resources as a source of income.

  • He owns mineral rights on his property in Lee County, Texas, which brought in $2,990 in 2012.


  • Residential property in Lexington valued at $161,630

  • Ranch land in Lexington valued at $1.7 million


  • He voted in the 82nd session for SB 332, which would have strengthened the position of landowners on water rights. Kleinschmidt's family leased its water rights in 2006.

  • There has been no legal resolution regarding his chief of staff John Higgins, who was being investigated by the Travis County district attorney over travel reimbursements. Higgins has denied any wrongdoing, and Kleinschmidt is not facing any allegations in the investigation.