Ethics Explorer A Guide to the Financial Interests of Elected Officials

Rep. Ralph Sheffield District 55 (R-Temple)

Business Owner
Diploma, Richfield High School, 1973
  • Energy Resources Committee
  • Defense & Veterans' Affairs (Vice-Chair)
Financial Statements

Sources of Income

  • Sheffield has owned Las Casas Restaurant in Temple since 1982.


  • Commercial property in Temple valued at $185,554

  • Residential property in Temple valued at $410,315


  • Business tax liens of $4,275 and $2,911 were filed against Las Casas in 1995 and 2003 respectively, according to tax records. Sheffield said the business tax liens were "cured immediately."

  • He is a former chairman of the Texas Restaurant Association, and contributed the exact amount to the Texas Restaurant Association PAC that the PAC has contributed to his campaign.

  • He successfully had a law repealed that required restaurants to post an image of the Heimlich maneuver. Texas was the only state that had required that posting, and he says it was doing more harm than good.